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Coronavirus: How to home educate your children during the Covid-19 pandemic

With the world in crisis and our status quo being thoroughly upended, it has become apparent that parents are going to play an increasingly larger role in their children?s education. However, as we are all great parents, how many of us are great teachers as well? The current state of affairs requires all parents to step up and become teachers daily in order to continue their children?s education. So the question is, how do you teach your child at home?

There have been a few experts that have voiced their advice on how to teach your kids at home and still keep your sanity and keep them learning at the same time. Jokes aside, here are the ways that you can teach your kids at home during the corona crisis.

  • Routine – school is all about routine, kids have a set routine every day at school and it?s important to maintain that routine at home. So, set aside specific times for the lessons and have play breaks for the kids so that you can keep their concentration where it is needed.
  • Follow a Timetable – when at school our kids experience not only routine but they have a timetable that sets out their daily lessons with different subjects in each session.
  • Quality Time – with parents and children at home at the moment, you might be tempted to spend more time with your kids to reassure them that the world is still the same as before. However, you do need to be mindful of the teaching routine but it is a great break activity to spend some quality time with your kids during the day. This will make the teaching experience so much easier for both parent-teachers and children.

So keep up the great parenting work and keep your children learning during this pandemic with these simple techniques for homeschooling.

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