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This courseware is designed by school teachers and teaching experts for all teachers that have experienced workload pressure or bottlenecks.

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Our courseware will help you identify the issues and impact of the workload you are currently experiencing in areas like marking and follow-ups. The methods and measures have been designed to be adaptable to your environment and will assist you in identifying, addressing and reducing the workload pressures that you face every day at your institution.

Curriculum Planning

As the foundation of effective teaching, planning your curriculum makes your teaching more productive and enjoyable for your students. This workshop is focused on the 5 key principles that were set out by the Planning and Resources Review Group and these will be explored in detail:

  1. Planning a course of lessons rather than singular lessons
  2. Teachers should have access to a range of lesson resources for every term
  3. Planning should be an integral part of lesson makeup
  4. Specific time and resources should be set aside for planning
  5. The best resources should be applied to the planning process

Primary schools differ from secondary schools in the delivery of the lesson plan, primary schools are theme-based and secondary schools follow a specific plan for the subject during the academic year. An often-used policy is to roadmap the education coursework so that it systematically builds up to the GSCE and A-Level examination standard. This prescription ensures that students follow a specific scheme of work from Year 7 onwards and will ensure that students are always working towards a focussed exam specification and the required education level for GSCE

Individually Planned Lessons

Most teachers in primary schools do individual lesson planning using the resources at hand, and on occasion they are overseen by subject heads or co-ordinators. These lessons are based on the resources and school curriculum or framework applicable. Where in secondary schools the responsibility of lesson planning for individuals, is often shared amongst a team of teachers or leader within the structure.  


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