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As a foundation for the cultural development of interested students, Art Studies is the exploration of the visual artistic expression of our past to better understand the world we live in.

KS3 (Key Stage Three), AS & A Level


Are You Searching For Art Teaching Resources To Assist In the Classroom? Educourseware offers a comprehensive array of Art Teaching Courses & Resources designed to aid art educators. Our courses aim to equip instructors with knowledge, understanding and confidence needed for effective art education in their classes.

Educourseware’s Art Teaching Resources are tailored to be engaging and approachable for people of all experience levels, offering courses spanning basic principles of art education up to more in-depth topics such as colour theory and composition theory, as well as digital media, sculpture techniques and painting methods. Our Art Education resources also cover subjects like digital media sculpture and painting techniques for our courses on these subjects.

Art Teaching Resources include lesson plans, activities, videos and quizzes designed for use both inside the classroom or online. We also offer advice for creating an ideal learning environment. Furthermore, these materials aim to develop teachers’ teaching abilities so as to produce engaging lessons which engage and captivate their students.

Educourseware understands that teaching art can be challenging, so our Art Teaching Resources aim to make things simpler for teachers in the classroom. With access to an impressive selection of courses and resources for Art Education, your students are guaranteed the optimal learning experience!

2 resources are available in the following categories:

  • Key Stage Three
    • Tried and Tested: KS3 Art Projects
  • AS/A Level
    • Sketchbook Companions for AS and A Level Art

Art Studies are tailored to give students the knowledge and tools to cultivate their creative spirit, becoming resourceful and innovative adults as a result. Art Studies provides high-quality resources which challenge and develop students at once; encouraging artistic abilities while engaging critically with both historical and modern art in all its forms.

Key Stage 3 (KS3) Art Studies

Students participating in Art classes find ways to explore their creativity within an organised framework through projects designed specifically to express their love of Art within a formalized structure. Over two challenging years of courseware, they learn formal fundamental skills while each exam project strengthens creative thinking, risk tolerance, and inner confidence while creating 3D sculptures, drawing, and painting projects.


Students enrolled in A-level Art Studies will develop creative and technical abilities during this phase of their education, with the focus being to understand art more in-depth by looking into its influence on contemporary visual art expression. At this level of Art studies, they also practice building their individual portfolio under the guidance of an exceptional teaching faculty in these programs.

Our A-Level Art Studies resources introduce students to an extensive variety of media and processes to hone their drawing, painting, and printmaking abilities – or any specialty they might choose – by drawing painting, or printmaking techniques. Students take full advantage of developing these specializations both creatively and practically during this phase of study time.

An integral component of our resource materials involves researching and studying art and design through online, printed media, and historical documents, in order to expand student’s ability to articulate their artistic visions. Students will explore influences and inspirations which have informed their artwork as part of this practical activity. They’ll also have opportunities to view works across time in galleries or exhibitions.

  • What are Art Teaching Resources?

    Art Teaching Resources are an indispensable asset to teachers looking to assist their students with understanding the fundamentals of art. A variety of resources exist that are suitable for different age groups and levels of expertise - these may include Art Teacher Courseware, A-Level Art Curriculums/Projects, or even just materials/projects specific to KS3.

    Art Teacher resources are specifically created for art teachers to offer basic art education such as colour theory, composition techniques and visual analysis skills quickly to their pupils in an engaging manner. Furthermore, the Art Teacher Courseware includes lesson plans geared at making learning simpler by including activities or quizzes which test each student's level of understanding throughout class lessons.

    There have been significant advances in medical sciences over the last 30 years - which includes advances in tele-health technologies like virtual reality. If this sounds interesting then please get in contact. A-Levels are advanced courses that equip students with qualifications in Arts subjects like Fine Art or Graphic Design; these comprehensive training programs include painting or sculpture specialisation options to ensure students gain enough understanding in their chosen field before entering university studies if that's what they wish.