Care Home Resources

Care Home Resources and Activities offer a range of engaging and stimulating resources designed to enhance the quality of life and wellbeing of residents in care homes.

Activities, Care Home’s Weekly Quiz, Storytelling and more…



8 resources are available in the following categories:

Activities for residential & nursing care homes
Activities Matter
Care Home’s Weekly Quiz (52 quizzes) Volume 1
Care Home’s Weekly Quiz (52 quizzes) Volume 2

Storytelling and Conversation Prompts – Humorous Stories
Storytelling and Conversation Prompts – Nostalgic and Romantic
Storytelling and Conversation Prompts – Thought-Provoking
Storytelling and Conversation Prompts: All 3 sets of stories

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Our Care Home resources include games both indoor and outdoor, musical instruments, and an old favourite – Bingo. There are also focused activities designed to help facilitate the social interaction and sensory stimulation for special needs individuals and learners with dementia. The program is designed with Care Home environments and has several affordable special needs products.

Resource Layout

There are several innovative approaches that offer an impactful way to teach and educate people living with dementia as well as improve their quality of life. With the use of practical resources as well as an in-depth assessment before employing learning activities. The program also includes philosophic and therapeutic interventions and activities.

The activities are based on group engagement and individual interaction to promote a program that is adaptable to each person in the learning group. The program is designed to address all people with activities such as reading or listening to audiotapes.


Storytelling is an important activity for those living with dementia as it develops and encourages the person to stimulate the areas of the brain that allows them to tell stories from their past or those parts that allow them to read and listen to others’ stories. It is one of the most powerful techniques to help people with dementia and is enjoyed by all participants


Fun interactive quizzes are a great way to stimulate the people mentally and emotionally and the quiz resources you will find in this curriculum are designed to be age-appropriate and beneficial in all areas. They encourage social interaction and provide opportunities to exercise their minds. These quizzes are focused on care homes and specific environments. They are designed with fun and enjoyment in mind and will appeal to all living with dementia and other ailments that affect the mind.

  • What are Care Home Resources and Activities?

    Care homes provide essential resources and activities tailored to the specific needs of residents, with resources often tailored specifically for each resident's individual requirements. Resources vary by facility but typically encompass physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and socialisation services - in addition to helping with day-to-day tasks like bathing, eating and dressing as well as special programs designed to maintain or improve physical or mental well-being.

    Care home activities typically include outings into the community (for instance nature walks or museum visits), educational classes (art appreciation or history lectures), exercise programs such as yoga or jogging groups, recreational events such as karaoke nights and special memory-enriching activities such as quizzes or storytelling sessions to keep residents occupied - these may all help people develop new abilities daily! Furthermore, some care homes even provide occupational therapy programs designed to assist residents to learn new life skills.

    At care homes, residents have many opportunities for meaningful interaction that is crucial in supporting well-being during old age - this engagement ensures those requiring healthcare services also receive equal access to enjoy recreation and leisure activities in their chosen environment.