Computer Science and IT: Teaching & Learning Resources

This courseware are designed to help students develop the practical skills needed to be fully competent in the computer packages and programming languages that will help them stay relevant in the ever-changing computing world.

KS3, GCSE, AS/A Level, BTEC and more…

236 courses available in the following categories:

Computer Science

GCSE (From 2016)
AQA (8520)
OCR (J276)
Edexcel (1CP1)

AS / A Level (From 2015)
AQA (7516/7517)
OCR (H046/H446)

CIE (0984)

BTEC Computing L3

Small Basic
Visual Basic

Information Technology
Cambridge Nationals L1/L2
Cambridge Technical L3
BTEC (First) L1/L2
Functional Skills
CCEA Digital Technology

Creative iMedia
Cambridge Nationals L1/L2
Photoshop / Premiere

This is a practical curriculum that will challenge the learners to apply their new classroom skills in real-world scenarios. Students will be encouraged to become innovative as they come up with creative solutions to the evolving challenges that the world of IT and computing present in the business environment.

Course Outline

Year 9

In this year, the course is a separate subject with a focused curriculum. With a variety of assessments, the student is acclimatized to the assessments that they will face later in the GCSEs. Their development is tracked and measured so that they can demonstrate the learned skills at each assessment. The course curriculum is a step up from Key Stage 3 material and sets the student on course to the higher level GCSE content.

Years 10 & 11

As an optional subject, students present their skills in a combined evaluation of examination and practical project work. Students have the whole year to develop their knowledge and understanding of computer languages as well as the conceptual understanding of networks (LAN & Wi-Fi), storage, CPU’s and RAM as they operate in the sphere of network infrastructures and systems including operating software.

Sixth Form

With a focus on computational thinking and problem-solving, this course in A-Level Computer Science will help students develop analytic skills to evaluate computer systems in the real world post-school. This course is of great value for further learning and as a foundation in the workplace. Projects are individually tailored for each student’s needs and life-desires. The course will place the students at the forefront of recruitment wave with excellent skills and abilities for the real world.


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