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As a tutor, you get to know your students far more intimately than in a normal teaching environment. It also allows you to provide a more in-depth learning experience for the student as you can integrate the shared interests and life experiences of the student into the learning program.

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Tutors can interact with students one-on-one and it becomes an individual experience rather than a group experience of teaching. As you involve the student more in the teaching process as tutor your student can integrate the knowledge into their lives faster and more effectively.

Resources and Techniques

The resources presented in this course pack are designed to help both tutors and students alike to learn and understand the topics and incorporate them into their lives. This is done in a dual-pronged approach:

  • Keeping it Real – for subjects like algebra, calculus, and physics that have little connection to their current lives, yet these are the subjects that they will use to impact the future world they live in. In order to share the passion for learning that will ignite their own passion for learning, tutors can use the resources in this teaching pack to relate the learning into the students’ lives. This can be done through sharing a chemistry experiment that shows how molecular structures surround us in our daily lives or by exploring vivid literature that will inspire the students to read more about historical figures such as Augustus or even enjoy the great poets like Blake.

  • Fostering Independence – the biggest job as a tutor is to get your students to start thinking independently and encourage them to analyze the world with increasingly critical thinking. This can be done by applying a Socratic response method to conclusions that your students have made and allowing them to discuss and debate the various conclusions that they share. You can also set the assignments beyond just testing their knowledge of the subject matter but try to encourage them to apply the knowledge and voice their opinions of the subject at hand. This will give the students the chance to explore their own thinking about the historical figures they are learning about. Fostering this critical thinking in students will allow the students to become more responsible and creative in their lives and become the superstars of the future.


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