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As a tutor, you get to know your students far more intimately than in a normal teaching environment. It also allows you to provide a more in-depth learning experience for the student as you can integrate the shared interests and life experiences of the student into the learning program.

Personal Learning and Thinking Skills, PSHE, SMSC and more…


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Teachers can interact directly with their students one-on-one and it becomes an individual rather than group experience of teaching. By including your student more in the learning process as a tutor, your knowledge will become part of their life faster and more effectively than before.

Resources and Techniques

This course pack features resources designed to assist both teachers and students alike with understanding topics covered within it, and incorporating them into everyday life. To achieve this aim, there is an approach which takes two approaches simultaneously; firstly educating yourself as to their existence then employing two distinct methodologies aimed at learning them;

  • Keeping it Real – For subjects like algebra, calculus, and physics which appear distant to students’ everyday lives yet are essential tools they will rely upon as future citizens, this teaching pack offers resources that connect learning to students’ daily lives through activities like sharing a chemistry experiment that shows molecular structures all around us or exploring vivid literature by Augustus or Blake that inspire further reading or listening experiences.
  • Fostering Independence – the primary aim of teachers should be to get their students thinking independently and develop ever greater critical faculties when analysing the world around them. Utilise the Socratic response method on conclusions your students have reached and allow them to discuss and debate about each conclusion that has been reached by applying the Socratic questioning method. Set assignments that go beyond simply testing their knowledge; encourage them to utilize that information in practical settings, voicing their opinion on it. Students will then have an opportunity to express their own thinking regarding historical figures they are studying, developing critical thinking abilities as part of this experience and becoming responsible and creative citizens in society – becoming future superstars!
  • What are Deputy Head and Tutor Teaching Resources?

    Teaching Resources are critical components of providing high-quality education to students, with Deputy Heads playing an invaluable role. By offering guidance for curriculum delivery and lesson planning as well as overseeing assessments/grading processes and making sure students have access to necessary resources; as well as offering advice about dealing with difficult subjects like PSHE (personal, social and health education) or SMSC development successfully.

    Tutors play an invaluable role in helping students develop study skills to achieve academic goals, from creating tailored revision timetables for every student's specific revision needs, through supporting exam technique preparation for GCSEs or A-Level exams and offering advice when undertaking difficult coursework essays or dissertations. Furthermore, mentorship services often serve as invaluable sources for advice when approaching difficult coursework essays and dissertation projects.

    Overall Deputy Heads and Tutors provide teaching resources which assist teachers in effectively delivering lessons within classrooms - but more importantly ensure all pupils access quality educational experiences outside them!