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Design & Technology Teaching Resources offer a range of high-quality teaching resources, revision notes, activities and past exam papers to support the teaching and learning of a variety of design and technology subjects.

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Welcome to the Design & Technology Teaching Resources Page, your comprehensive source for carefully curated materials intended to enrich the teaching and learning experiences in this ever-evolving field of design and technology. As educators dedicated to developing creativity, critical thinking and practical skills in students, we know the significance of providing teachers with top-quality resources that engage and excite their pupils. Here, you will discover an exhaustive collection of carefully designed lesson plans, hands-on projects, design briefs and technical drawings as well as innovative tools covering multiple design disciplines ranging from product to graphic and architecture design. Our Design & Technology Teaching Resources have been carefully developed to assist teachers like yourself in providing engaging lessons that foster innovation, problem-solving skills and the real-world application of design principles. Discover all that these resources have to offer – unlock endless potential to strengthen your design & technology curriculum today.

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Free – GCSE Design & Technology Revision Guides

 Our online interactive learning and revision for GCSE Design and Technology is fast and effective. It covers over 100 fun interactive challenges across every topic, including exam-style questions with mark schemes and associated content. These challenges are designed to deepen knowledge while also helping students to develop the skills they need to excel in the subject.

GCSE 9-1 Edexcel Design & Technology Revision Guide
GCSE 9-1 AQA Design & Technology Revision Guide

Our Design & Technology teaching resources offer an integrative approach to studying various disciplines such as computer science, marketing, business management, art, and design. These resources aim to assist students in understanding the interdependency among different subjects, showing them how everything fits together within design and technology. By following a curriculum that supports creativity, collaboration and experimentation students will acquire the critical thinking skills needed for survival in today’s rapidly shifting global environment. These teaching resources include practical projects, problem-solving tasks and engaging activities that encourage knowledge application as well as skills development that will aid students’ future careers. Overall, our Design & Technology teaching resources serve both students and teachers alike by helping to better comprehend the relationship between various disciplines within design & technology.

GCSE Design and Technology Teaching Resources

The updated curriculum in the GCSE Design and Technology course focuses on learning and in-depth comprehension of the materials and technological processes within established practices. Participating students will use their forward-thinking imaginations and creativity to develop working prototypes to address real-world issues and problems.

Our Design & Technology Teacher Resources for GCSE level are designed to challenge students to stay true to the values and needs of others and themselves while developing their skills in a rapidly changing technological world. Students will be encouraged to consider social, cultural, environmental, historical and economic factors as they strive for excellence in Design and Technology.

These resources provide students with the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of specialist principles, with exposure to technical and design processes using varied materials and equipment. This enables students to gain an appreciation of different approaches whilst expanding their knowledge of specialist applications.

A-level Design and Technology Teaching Resources

A-level Design and Technology Teaching Resources AQA Fashion and Textiles Topic Tests and Product Design Practice Exam Papers are invaluable tools for students studying this subject. The NEA non-exam assessment Skills Packs provide a variety of visual worksheets that cover the essential elements of completing a design-and-make project, from research to evaluation. Creative activities used in these tasks help students develop important skills such as creative design thinking, project planning, comprehensive research, and analytical skills. Group tasks facilitate class collaboration while extension tasks challenge the more advanced students. All these resources go a long way in helping students achieve success with AQA’s AS and A-Level specifications.

Cad-Cam Software Design and Technology Teaching Resources

CAD/CAM Design and Technology Teaching Resources provide a great way for students to learn about modern design techniques, digital tools and the use of CAD/CAM. The popular 3D Movie Glasses project is the perfect starting point, using TechSoft 2D Design to give students a strong understanding of CAD. With the help of CAM, they can then create their own set of 3D movie glasses that have been designed by them. To further enhance their experience with these resources, exercises including Techsoft 2D Design and Pro-Desktop as well as SketchUp tasks are provided with detailed instructions and sample files that allow students to work independently while teaching them important skills such as design thinking, project planning, research and analytical skill-sets.

  • What are Design & Technology Teaching Resources?

    Design & Technology teaching resources emphasise the ability to design, create, and evaluate products or systems to solve problems using available resources. Their goal is to foster problem-solving abilities as well as an understanding of digital systems; in the process, they help students develop fundamental concepts related to engineering principles, computer science fundamentals, computational thinking processes fabrication processes robotics technology information systems design methodology as well as electrical engineering concepts.

    These resources cover subjects such as project management strategies; 3D printing; advanced industrial process design; sensing system programming, circuit analysis, and robotic assembly operations for assembly lines as well as microprocessor architecture simulation environments and embedded control structures. Additionally, they learn about CAD/CAM software packages used for product design; data manipulation programs used in computer-aided drawing production; optimal route determination algorithms used for robotic navigation simulations across virtual reality platforms; how fluid dynamics can be applied to machinery designs via ways network topologies with mathematical models used for artificial intelligence technologies and many more topics related to Design & Technology teaching resources.