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Welcome to Educourseware, where our dedication to providing teachers with outstanding teaching materials extends into the captivating realm of Film Studies. As an engaging medium for storytelling, artistic expression, cultural exploration and appreciation for human experience, film offers students unique opportunities for critical thinking skills development as well as visual literacy development and an appreciation of all that life entails. In order to help foster these essential attributes we have carefully assembled an expansive library of Film Studies Teaching Resources designed specifically to meet today’s educator’s diverse needs – this covers aspects such as film history theory analysis production genre studies etc.

Educourseware understands the difficulties teachers encounter when trying to keep students engaged with film studies. That is why our resources include real-world context, historical analysis, and hands-on learning experiences – making learning enjoyable yet meaningful! In addition, these materials cater for various learning styles and abilities so every student is provided an equal chance to thrive and succeed on their film studies journey.

At Educourseware, we understand the significance of staying abreast of current pedagogy trends and research in film education. Therefore, our offerings are constantly refined to stay current, effective, and align with best practices in film education. Plus, they’re flexible enough for use across curricula or classroom environments giving teachers plenty of options when tailoring lessons according to students’ specific needs and goals!

At either secondary or tertiary levels, our resources can assist in creating an exciting learning environment in film studies for secondary or tertiary levels that foster an appreciation of cinema, critical analysis skills, and creative expression. By equipping students with the tools necessary for understanding this diverse and intricate world of film studies, they will become well-rounded, culturally aware individuals.

At Educourseware, our mission is to aid your pursuit of academic excellence with high-quality resources that encourage curiosity, foster an interest in cinematic storytelling, and foster lifelong learning in students. Unlock all kinds of possibilities with Film Studies Teaching Resources from Educourseware!

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GCSE (9-1) Eduqas

Teaching Packs
GCSE (9-1) Eduqas Introduction to Film Teaching Pack

Quick Film Guides
GCSE (9-1) Eduqas Film Studies Quick Film Guide: District 9
GCSE (9-1) Eduqas Film Studies Quick Film Guide: Rear Window
GCSE (9-1) Eduqas Film Studies Quick Film Guide: Skyfall

A Level Eduqas

Quick Film Guides
A Level Eduqas Film Studies Quick Film Guide: Blade Runner

Young Filmmaker’s Guide for Media and Film Students

From GCSE, AS, A-Level, or higher educational institutions. The coursework for the WJEC Eduqas qualification in Film Studies will develop the following skills within the students:

  • How to express meaning and elicit responses through film
  • Exposure to a vast cultural contrasting range of film in the worldwide context
  • Using film as an aesthetic medium
  • Using film to reflect the social, cultural and political views of the community
  • How technology and film have grown interlinked over the years
  • How to apply their knowledge and understanding of film, production, and screenwriting


GCSE Film Studies

This Film Studies coursework at GCSE level follows a WJEC Eduqas specification and will appeal especially to students interested in film production. They’ll learn a wealth of cinematic history that has shaped film production industries since the 1950s – 80s. Furthermore, students will explore influential US mainstream film industries from 1950 – 1980 by viewing one movie each decade from their US mainstream industry as well as recent independent productions from the USA, UK South Africa Australia including an understanding of the production process of various independent productions from these producers and more recently produced independent producers across these four regions and more recently independents from various producers around the globe to gain understanding on the extent of production processes involved with these film production industries over time.

Film coursework offers students an in-depth knowledge of film production. Students will develop an appreciation of all its aspects – screenwriting, film-making, and final production are just a few examples – from screenplay writing and film-making through to final production and beyond. They’ll produce creative films or screenplays for examination where they demonstrate their abilities as film-makers by showing how a movie was made from their perspective.

A-Level Film Studies

Students pursuing A-Level studies will be exposed to a selection of films designed to broaden their concept of cinema and the multiple meanings they convey to viewers. Students will explore both the mainstream film industry in America and UK as well as independent production studios worldwide.

Students will analyse historical film formats such as silent movies and influential works that have had an effect on film over time, such as silent flicks. Students will gain an in-depth view of film-making history from early black-and-white silent flicks to technological marvels today in order to better comprehend its development over time.

As part of their curriculum, students will also explore the production process for film-making. Through exploring various films from diverse genres and production techniques, they’ll develop knowledge essential for becoming future filmmakers while honing skills essential for becoming professional filmmakers themselves in future years.

  • What are Film Studies Teaching Resources?

    Film Studies Teaching Resources can be an engaging way for students to explore film analysis. There are countless tools out there available for educators that will aid their classes as they navigate this illuminating discipline.

    GCSE Eduqas provides comprehensive teaching materials for GCSE Film Studies, from lesson plan packs and guidance documents to electronic resources like flashcard sets and activities. Their student-friendly films cover topics like camera shots/angles/genre elements/music that help develop knowledge and understanding within classroom environments!

    Eduqas offers A Level students various resources designed specifically to advance their Film Studies studies, such as Student Workbooks. These cover all aspects of movie making ranging from popular genres such as animation or Social Realism methods of representation through to less widely covered topics like animation techniques or modern Social Realism ways of depiction. Other supplementary learning material available for advanced studies of Film Studies may also include exam technique advice sheets, assignment briefs and examiner comments written by experts to support both teacher instruction lessons as well as individual student research efforts!

    Overall, these packs provide comprehensive coverage across the curriculum while giving teachers enough freedom to tailor their usage in classroom settings as required - giving both teacher and students alike an invaluable insight into this ever-evolving art form.

    Additionally, Film Studies teachers and students worldwide now have easy access to high-quality educational resources worldwide - from textbooks and DVDs through journals, magazines articles podcasts. All are designed for teaching Film Studies!