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Welcome to Educourseware, where our mission of providing educators with exceptional teaching materials extends into Food Prep and Nutrition! In today’s society, healthy eating habits, sustainable food practices, and informed decision-making regarding nutrition are ever more crucial – to assist educators with cultivating this crucial knowledge among students, we offer our comprehensive collection of Food Prep and Nutrition Teaching Resources designed specifically to meet today’s educators needs – our materials cover cooking techniques, safety & hygiene aspects of food prep & nutrition education resources as well as nutrition concepts like meal planning/ meal prep/nutritional planning/ sustainability, etc.

Our expansive library contains carefully planned lesson plans, engaging activities, and thought-provoking multimedia content intended to foster in-depth knowledge of food preparation and nutrition concepts and their applications in real-life applications. These resources aim to foster hands-on learning while encouraging creativity while opening students’ eyes to explore food in multiple contexts from multiple viewpoints.

At Educourseware, we understand the challenges educators face in keeping their students motivated and engaged in food preparation and nutrition studies. That is why our resources feature real-world context, cultural exploration, and enjoyable activities, making the learning process relevant and meaningful. Furthermore, they cater to different learning styles and abilities so each student has the chance to thrive on their food education journey.

No matter if you teach food preparation and nutrition at an elementary or secondary level, our resources will enable you to create an engaging learning experience for students that develop practical skills, nutritional understanding, and make responsible food choices. By giving students access to this valuable knowledge base they’ll become well informed health conscious individuals!

At Educourseware, our mission is to facilitate academic excellence for your students by offering high-quality resources that spark their curiosity, develop practical skills, and foster healthy living among your pupils. Discover and enhance your teaching experience using our Food Prep and Nutrition Teaching Resources!

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Free - eRevision for AQA GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition

The AQA GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition eRevision that covers the entire specification in a user-friendly manner. With over 100 interactive challenges covering every topic and concept, students can experience fun and dynamic learning. Also features over 100 marks' worth of exam-style questions complete with model answers to help you understand the type of responses required to excel in the exam.

129 resources available in the following categories:


GCSE (9-1)
AQA, Educas, OCR, WJEC,

Hospitality and Catering (Level 1/2)
WJEC Level 1/2 Hospitality and Catering

Food Science and Nutrition (Level 3)
WJEC (2015)

BTEC Technicals (level 2)
Food and Beverage Service (2017)
Professional Cookery (2017)
Patisserie and Confectionery (2017)

Food preparation is a vital skill for students and the world as it gives life to creativity whilst it feeds the world.

The coursework covers the following topics:

  • Understanding ingredients and food commodities
  • The properties of food including nutrition, sensory and functional aspects
  • Discovering food and tasting new combinations
  • Practical activities including processes, equipment, and materials in skillful preparations
  • Evaluating and analyzing food products and performance using industry techniques


National Curriculum Requirements at KS3

Students will learn a range of ways to prepare and cook well-balanced nutritional dishes in an inviting and hygienic setting and broaden their understanding of food, diets, and healthy living while honing practical culinary techniques and skills necessary for food prep and preparation.

Students will study to:

  • Apply their understanding of Health and nutrition
  • Master a host of delicious dishes, mostly savory, to feed themselves and others with a healthy diet
  • Gain confidence and competence in many cooking techniques from, choosing and preparing various ingredients, using the tool of the trade and electrical equipment, heat use in food preparation tastes textures, and smells – and how to combine them.
  • Knowledge of the source and seasonality of ingredients from cereals to vegetables to meat, fish, and poultry including fats/oils, milk & dairy products.
  • Develop their skills in basic cooking with products like – rock buns, fruit & vegetable crumble, cakes and scones, biscuits & brownies, fruit salad, coleslaw, tuna salad, pizza, and sponge cake
  • The importance of a healthy and safe workspace
  • A functional understanding of ingredients and their nutritional properties
  • Evaluate products to suggest improvements



Food Preparation and Nutrition

This is an exciting course that builds on the student’s creativity with coursework that explores the practical cooking skills needed for a future in food preparation. Students develop an in-depth knowledge of nutrition, food provenance, and the attributes of food materials. This course focuses on the nutritional and practical skills needed to excel in nutrition. Students will cover 5 key aspects of food preparation:

  • Food Science
  • Food Safety
  • Food Choice
  • Food Provenance
  • Food Nutrition and Health


Coursework Outcomes

  • Mastering safe cooking skills like planning, preparing, and cooking with a multiple of food commodities, techniques, and equipment
  • Gain an understanding and knowledge of the chemical process, functional properties and nutritional content of foodstuff and drinks
  • The relationship of diet, nutrition, and health and the physical and psychological effects of diet and health
  • Food availability and the effects of economic, socio-cultural, and environmental impact on food availability
  • Display an understanding of the functional nutritional properties of food and the sensory and microbiological aspects of food preparations and serving
  • Understanding and exploring the variety of ingredients and culinary processes and traditions that inspire innovative ideas for new recipes



The Pearson BTEC Level1/2 course for the First Award in Hospitality will be assessed externally for one unit, namely – Unit 1: Introduction to Hospitality. BTEC Hospitality offers students a foundation in understanding the complexities of managing a hospitality business at every level from Chefs to Waiters to Bar Staff, Front of House operations including reception and guest liaison as well as accommodations. This course aims to encourage and inspire students to gain the knowledge needed to have a successful career in the Hospitality Industry.

  • What are Food Preparation and Nutrition Teaching Resources?

    Food preparation and nutrition teaching resources provide teachers with the tools they need to help students grasp meal planning, healthy eating habits and food safety - regardless of age group. A range of educational materials exists that teachers may utilize when instructing these topics.

    At primary school level (KS3), activities and lesson plans designed for primary school-age children (KS3) aim to introduce basic nutrition principles like food groups, fruits/vegetables/grains, balanced meals and dietary guidelines. Interactive games that allow children to sort foods into food groups or quiz on ingredients may make learning fun; videos showing kitchen techniques (chopping veggies for instance) as well as hands-on activities with measuring ingredients can all make this learning engaging.

    At GCSE level, students need more comprehensive teaching resources in order to deepen their understanding of nutrition and build practical cooking techniques like deep frying or stir-frying, etc… Exam boards like AQA provide extensive syllabuses for Food & Nutrition GCSE courses that cover essential information regarding balanced diets for adolescents along with topics like vitamins/minerals/digestive processes, etc.

    BTEC also provides qualifications related to food technology for advanced learners at level 5. Students gain knowledge on how raw ingredients can be transformed into delicious meals while building skills such as presentation.