Functional Skills: Teaching & Learning Resources

Functional Skills Teaching & Learning Resources provide educators with comprehensive materials to teach practical skills that are immediately relevant to the workplace and everyday life.

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Essential Survival Pack for Level 1
Fast Track Functional Skills for Level 1 (36-lesson SoW)
Fast Track Functional Skills for Level 1 for AQA
Fast Track Functional Skills for Level 1 for Edexcel
Fast Track Functional Skills for Level 1 for OCR

E-learning: Functional Skills for English (Level 2)

Functional Skills in ICT Level 1 Resource Pack
Functional Skills in ICT Level 2 Resource Pack

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These functional skills or transferable qualifications are applicable in many business sectors and give students the ability to apply themselves in many spheres of life. These skills are seen as “gateway qualifications” that can be used in a wide range of apprenticeships and can also help students that have only achieved GCSE grade C or above in further adult education.

Resource Program

English and Mathematics are essential subjects in many training programs; diplomas, Apprenticeships, and Foundation Learning programs all include them as mandatory learning requirements for graduation or renewal purposes. Students wishing to complete these functional skills exams as preparation for taking their GCSE can do so either before their examination date or afterward as stand-in subjects; following initial testing they will be placed into specific levels depending on their results.


English-Like is designed for anyone seeking to enhance their ability in reading and writing while developing listening and speaking abilities. Each course comes with a recognised qualification so students can advance to subsequent levels with success.


Maths as a subject for life, however, stands out as being especially critical to developing lifelong life skills. Maths pervades almost everything we do each day – from our daily commutes and work tasks to studying addition, subtraction, and multiplication every day at school and college campuses around the country. When students gain a better grasp of Maths usage they will understand its essentiality more fully – not to mention find mathematical knowledge useful throughout life!


The program is designed to assess and gauge the student’s understanding of functional ICT at either level 1 or level 2 and to define future development opportunities. The exam and qualification are designed to further increase the student’s aptitude across a wide spectrum of contexts. These skills can be utilized in areas of work, life, and further education programs. The ICT functional program is intended to get students to validate their skill level in the selection and presentation of information as well as to apply these skills and transfer them to other appropriate areas of their lives. This is vital to the further learning of the student and will increase their ability to develop personally and maximize their confidence and efficacy.

  • What are Functional Skills Teaching & Learning Resources?

    Functional Skills Teaching & Learning Resources provide students with an avenue for improving their abilities across several key study areas, including English, Maths, and ICT. Referred to as Gateway Qualifications by learners themselves, these certificates allow learners to advance to further studies or employment more smoothly.

    These resources focus on offering practical guidance and support in developing Functional Skills (also referred to as Key Skills). This includes numeracy and literacy basics, problem-solving abilities, communication abilities, and digital literacy - skills essential in today's society and digital-savvy lifestyles. Furthermore, these resources serve as a platform to expand other aspects of knowledge such as health & safety practices or employment prospects & self-employment practices in various areas.

    Teaching resources may take the form of textbooks with exercises or activities included as well as tutor notes that offer guidance in teaching Functional Skills to students. Topics typically addressed include time management, studying strategies & career preparation - skills that provide invaluable lifelong benefits which can be taken with them into any profession or lifestyle choice.

    Furthermore, there are various online forums dedicated to aiding learners in studying functional skills - providing users a place where they can ask their queries without fear of embarrassment! In conclusion, these resources offer invaluable support throughout all stages of Functional Skill development making it much simpler for students to achieve their personal and career goals!