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To develop functional skills in your students that they can apply in their lives means to get your students to develop their skillset cross-discipline so that they can apply their knowledge in a variety of career environments.

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Essential Survival Pack for Level 1
Fast Track Functional Skills for Level 1 (36-lesson SoW)
Fast Track Functional Skills for Level 1 for AQA
Fast Track Functional Skills for Level 1 for Edexcel
Fast Track Functional Skills for Level 1 for OCR

E-learning: Functional Skills for English (Level 2)

Functional Skills in ICT Level 1 Resource Pack
Functional Skills in ICT Level 2 Resource Pack

These functional skills or transferable qualifications are applicable in many business sectors and give students the ability to apply themselves in many spheres of life. These skills are seen as “gateway qualifications” that can be used in a wide range of apprenticeships and can also help students that have only achieved GCSE grade C or above in further adult education.

Resource Program

As essential subjects for most training programs, English and Mathematics, are required learning for most diplomas, Apprenticeships, and Foundation Learning programs, and these functional skills can be taken as a precursor to GCSE or as a stand-alone subject. After initial assessment students will be classed in the various levels according to their results.


The coursework is suitable for anyone who would like to improve their ability to read and write as well as improve their listening and speaking skills. The course comes with a recognized qualification and the students can progress to the next level with a positive result.


As a subject for life, Maths is the most important for all life skills. We use Maths in all our daily lives in almost everything we do and with a better understanding of mathematics and how we use it in our lives, students will have a better understanding of the need for mathematical knowledge in their daily lives. They will explore the ways that we use addition, subtraction, and multiplication every day in our lives.


The program is designed to assess and gauge the student’s understanding of functional ICT at either level 1 or level 2 and to define future development opportunities. The exam and qualification are designed to further increase the student’s aptitude across a wide spectrum of contexts. These skills can be utilized in areas of work, life, and further education programs. The ICT functional program is intended to get students to validate their skill level in the selection and presentation of information as well as to apply these skills and transfer them to other appropriate areas of their lives. This is vital to the further learning of the student and will increase their ability to develop personally and maximize their confidence and efficacy.


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