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Geography teaching resources deliver lessons and activities for students to develop their understanding and appreciation of the world.

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Welcome to Educourseware, where our commitment is to provide teachers with high-quality teaching materials for Geography curricula. As an academic discipline that explores both physical and human elements of our planet, geography enables students to cultivate critical thinking, spatial awareness, and an in-depth comprehension of relationships among people, places, and the environment. As part of our efforts to assist teachers with building these essential attributes in their students, we have assembled a range of Geography Teaching Resources tailored specifically to today’s teaching requirements. These include physical geography, human geography, and environmental studies resources as well as those which apply geographical skills and techniques.

Our library boasts carefully planned lesson plans, engaging interactive activities, and thought-provoking multimedia content designed to foster deep comprehension of geographical concepts, theories, and processes that shape our planet. These resources promote active learning through active engagement while inspiring inquiry about its various complexities from multiple angles of inquiry.

At Educourseware, we recognise the challenges teachers face in engaging their students with geography education. That is why our resources incorporate real-world context, case studies, and hands-on learning experiences into each learning session to make learning enjoyable and worthwhile. Furthermore, they’re designed to accommodate various learning styles and abilities for maximum student growth as they embark upon their geographic education journeys.

No matter if you teach geography at secondary or tertiary level, our resources will assist in creating an exciting and dynamic learning experience that develops critical thinking, spatial awareness, appreciation for natural processes that shape our world as well as an appreciation of all that contributes to it.

At Educourseware, our aim is to assist in your pursuit of academic excellence by offering high-quality resources which inspire curiosity, foster intellectual growth, and foster lifelong learning for your students. Unlock endless teaching possibilities using our comprehensive Geography Teaching Resources!

579 resources available in the following categories:

  • A level
    • AQA (7036 and 7037)
    • Edexcel (8GE0 and 9GE0)
    • OCR (H081 and H481)
    • Eduqas (B110 and A110)
    • WJEC Wales (2110 and 1110)
  • GCSE
    • AQA (8035)
    • Edexcel A (1GA0)
    • Edexcel B (1GB0)
    • OCR B (J384)
    • WJEC Eduqas A (C111)
    • WJEC Eduqas B (C112)
    • WJEC Wales (3110)
    • All Spec Resources
  • BTEC Firsts
    • Level 1/2 First (2018) (Award)
    • Level 1/2 First (2013)
  • BTEC Tech Award
    • Level 1/2 Tech Award (2018)
  • BTEC Nationals
    • Level 3 Nationals (2019)
  • KS3 Geography
    • 2014 National Curriculum

Our geography curriculum strives to foster independent, inquisitive learners. Utilising resources designed specifically for each Key Stage (3-5), our lessons aim to immerse our pupils into the realm of geography while expanding their understanding and appreciation for its concepts and skills. Students participate in various classroom-based and fieldwork-related activities throughout their education to foster this field’s depth and breadth of study.

Years 7 & 8

The course material in years 7 & 8 will provide the students with a fundamental knowledge of geography that will prepare them for the years ahead. Our resources include topics like Rivers and Coasts, Ecosystems and Tourism as well as Fantastic Places around the World. Course evaluation will comprise a variety of assessments in multiple formats.

Year 9 – Transition Year

This year, our Geography studies will cover topics relevant to the GCSE curriculum, such as Plate Tectonics, Development and Geography of Human Health, Population & Urbanisation, and provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary for their future. We have carefully crafted resources to ensure each student is exposed to stimulating content and acquires exam techniques.

Years 10 & 11

Geography GCSE – OCR B

The course is divided into 3 sections. They will explore geography is the following ways:

  • Paper 1 – Physical Geography – Ecosystems, Coasts, Landscapes, and climate change
  • Paper 2 – Geographical Resources – Resource Depletion, Urban Issues, and Global Development
  • Paper 3 – Geographical Exploration – Researching and Understanding Geographical Data and the Manipulation of Data for In-depth Understanding.


OCR Geography A-Level

Our teacher resources for OCR Geography A-Level provide an array of activities, worksheets, and lesson plans that focus on encouraging students to think critically. We equip teachers with the most up-to-date information on core topics, as well as exam guides, revision notes, and additional tools tailored to the current syllabus specifications. With a focus on understanding our world’s geography and how humans have an impact on it, from coastlines to ecosystems and cycles of life, we strive to provide teachers with all the materials necessary for their students to reach their full potential in the subject.

  • What are Geography Teaching Resources?

    Geography teaching resources have been developed for use by geography teachers to assist with the preparation and delivery of the curriculum. These resource materials are tailored to A Level, GCSE, BTEC and Key Stage 3 subjects like geography such as A-levels, GCSE's BTECs or Key Stage 3 exams or curriculum objectives (KS3).

    The main aim of these teaching resources is to aid teachers in providing students with quality education. Through these resources, teachers can impart key information regarding topics like population growth, climate change, and land use patterns as well as help pupils revise for exams based on regularly updated coverage of pertinent subject matters.

    Not only can geography teaching resources assist teachers with reviewing topics from the syllabus, they can also assist them in planning lessons more efficiently by offering detailed evaluation procedures and activities created specifically with various learning styles in mind. It makes class preparation simpler with age-appropriate lesson plans already prepared - this also encourages collaborative learning processes as well as individual work through stimulating problem-solving activities to develop critical thinking abilities amongst learners.

    Geography teaching resources not only increase teachers' knowledge of Geography but provide pupils with all of the tools required for excelling academically when studying it both inside and outside of classroom environments.