Health and Social Care: Teaching Resources

Health and Social Care Teaching & Learning Resources provide students with the opportunity to gain practical experience in a variety of health and social care settings and develop their skills through interactive activities and readings.

BTEC, T Level, OCR Cambridge Nationals and more…


Are you a teacher looking for Health and Social Care Teaching Resources to Deliver Engaging Lessons? Educourseware Offers Comprehensive Resources that are ideal for use both inside the classroom and remotely to give students a deeper understanding of this sector and its roles, responsibilities and career options.

Health and Social Care Teaching Resources are specially tailored to meet the needs of teachers and students alike. We offer activities suitable for vocational courses in grades 11 & 12, interactive printable word searches & crossword puzzles as well as our interactive printable word searches and crosswords – these materials also cover communication, research, presentation skills, problem-solving abilities as well as more general topics of communication & problem-solving!

As teaching health and social care can sometimes be challenging, we have created free resources to aid teachers when reviewing VLE materials as well as worksheets with answers for evaluation purposes. Furthermore, we offer assistance when planning and executing BTEC Tech Awards in Health & Social Care successfully.

At Educourseware, our aim is to equip teachers with all of the resources available so they can deliver engaging health and social care lessons to their students. By making use of our Health and Social Care Teaching Resources you can ensure they gain all of the knowledge they require in this field to be successful in it.

119 resources available in the following categories:

  • BTEC Firsts (Level 1/2)
    • Health and Social Care (2012)
  • BTEC Tech Awards (Level 1/2)
    • Health and Social Care (2022)
  • BTEC Tech Awards (Level 2)
    • Health and Social Care (2017)
  • BTEC Nationals (Level 3)
    • Health and Social Care (2016)
    • Children’s Play, Learning & Development (2016)
    • Health and Social Care (Legacy: 2010)
  • OCR Cambridge Nationals (L1/2)
    • Health and Social Care
    • Child Development

  • T Level (Level 3)
    • Education and Childcare
    • Health
    • Healthcare Science

By meeting their deadlines the students will experience the following from our teaching resources:

  • Skills development they need for university and ultimately a career in the Social and Health sector.
  • A subject matter that will open up the world of career possibilities in this sector
  • Friendly and supportive teaching staff
  • Engaging course work with challenging exam assessments
  • Hands-on course work that prepares them for employment.


New: NCFE T Level (Level 3) Teaching Resources

The NCFE T Level (Level 3) Course is a comprehensive and enriching learning experience. Our Teacher Resources provide everything needed to help students in Education and Childcare, Healthcare Science and more. The Course Companions offer an in-depth look at each subject area, while Topic Tests and Papers A & B give students the chance to put their knowledge into practice while building essential skills.

The health module is designed to cover current healthcare topics such as mental health issues, primary care services and public health measures like vaccinations. Students gain an understanding of how these practices work together within our national and global health systems, backed up with assessments from medical experts.

The NCFE T Level (Level 3) Healthcare Science course covers medical terminology and laboratory processes for biomedical science technicians, aided by up-to-date resources from industry experts. We also provide strategies on potential career paths, ideal placements, and the transferable skills gained from GCSEs and AS Levels which are beneficial to further T Level studies.

No matter what subject you choose, our Teacher Resources provide all the necessary guidance and support to help teachers succeed. The success of our students is our top priority.

BTEC Health and Social Care Course Resources

A total of 4 units will be covered in this BTEC Health and Social Care course, 2 units evaluated by exam work in the Human Lifespan Development and Working in Health & Social Care, and 2 units internally evaluated. The completion of this course will assist in the progression to successful careers in Health and Social sector.

This BTEC course can be combined with other BTEC courses. The material and knowledge gained through this course can be applied to any situation – whether it’s in everyday life or for future work.

  • This course is nationally recognised as a vocational qualification that is specific to employment in the health and social care sector.
  • Students develop the knowledge and understanding to meet the high standards of the Health And Social Care academic university requirements
  • This course explores in detail what the role of a social worker is in today’s environment as well as the responsibilities towards their clients and patients.
  • This course develops the skills and techniques they would need in their career like self-learning and teamwork as well as personal qualities and attributes that are crucial for a successful career in Health & Social services sector
  • What are Health and Social Care Teaching Resources?

    Health and Social Care Teaching Resources refer to education-specific course materials designed for teaching health and social care subjects across a variety of educational environments, typically such as anatomy, biology, psychology, and sociology courses in schools or institutions that provide them. Such materials may cover such areas as human anatomy, biology, psychology sociology, or related topics depending on which institution offers them.

    Health and Social Care Teaching Resources have one key objective in mind - helping students master important health and social care concepts more quickly in an engaging fashion that enhances learning retention. Teachers frequently utilise such courses either to supplement existing curriculums or even replace more conventional teaching methodologies altogether.
    There are a variety of resources available for teaching this field:

    1. BTEC (Business & Technology Education Council): BTEC's qualifications cover everything from healthcare and sciences, design technology and hospitality/leisure industries through higher education levels.
    2. T Levels: Created through collaboration among employers, schools, colleges and universities - these programmes deliver high-quality technical education which blends classroom study with on-the-job experience toward national qualification.
    3. OCR (Oxford Cambridge And RSA Examinations): These nationally recognized qualifications designed for secondary schools range from entry-level through Level 3 diplomas for post-16 learners and offer revision guides specifically targeted towards Health & Social Care students taking exams.

    No matter what course materials or resources you need for health and social care study, something suitable will always exist! With these materials, you can support students' journey towards becoming highly proficient professionals capable of making valuable contributions once entering industry or university life after finishing their studies!