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Our Media Studies Teaching Resources provide an in-depth exploration of the history, theory, and practice of media studies including Marketing & Advertising, Printed Media, Broadcast Media, and the Film Industry.

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Educourseware’s collection of Media Studies Teaching Resources can assist educators with staying abreast of developments while offering their students superior educational experiences. Media Studies is an ever-evolving field that demands teachers keep abreast of its latest advancements and remain informed regarding new trends within the industry. With new technologies like streaming services and social media platforms emerging, it has become even more essential for educators to have reliable resources at hand for teaching Media Studies effectively.

Educourseware’s library houses general resources and guides, teaching resource sites, archives, online media journals, syllabi textbooks lesson plans assignments articles. Furthermore, Educourseware also features 235 top “Media Studies” Teaching Resources specially chosen by educators themselves and access to millions of unique educational materials on Teachers Pay Teachers; a trusted marketplace for original educational material by millions.

At Educourseware we recognise how vital it is for teachers to have access to reliable teaching resources in Media Studies for providing their students with an outstanding educational experience. That’s why our collection of Media Studies Teaching Resources was specifically created with educators in mind so that they may stay abreast of developments within this rapidly-evolving field of study.

235 resources available in the following categories:

  • GCSE (2017)
    • Eduqas (C680QS) – last exams 2023
    • Eduqas (C680QS) – exams from 2024
    • AQA (8572) – last exams 2022
    • AQA (8572) – exams from 2023
    • WJEC (3680) (Wales Schools)
    • OCR (J200)
  • A Level
    • Eduqas (B680QS/A680QS) – last exams 2023
    • Eduqas (B680QS/A680QS) – exams from 2024
    • AQA (7572) – last exams 2023
    • AQA (7572) – exams from 2024
    • OCR (H409)
    • WJEC (1680)
  • BTEC
    • BTEC Tech Awards
    • BTEC First
    • BTEC Level 3 (National)
  • Production
    • Digital Graphics
    • Filmmaking
    • Gaming

  • Vocational – Creative iMedia
    • Cambridge Nationals (J807)
    • Cambridge Nationals (J834)


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The A-Level courseware focusses on getting students to apply analytical thought frameworks to understanding the audience, demographic representation, and context, as they interact with each other in discussions and debates. Students will be expected to be able to construct and deconstruct media products independently as they develop their own voice within the classroom and by engaging with Media in all its formats.

Media Studies A-Level finds its foundation in the current socio-political, cultural and economic environment that supports students in the study of English Literature, History, Political and Social studies.  Examinations are split 70/30 for the Edugas (WJEC) with the largest part (70%) of your mark is achieved with 2 exams, a 2 hour 15min exam – Media Forms, Industries and Audiences – and a 2 hour 30 min paper – Media Forms and Products in Depth. These exams cover the course texts in the first and texts set by the exam board.

30% of the course mark comes from an audio-visual cross-media production created by students based on the course work. Students have to produce the cross-media production and an accompanying written aim and intention piece for the exam board.

For students that would like a practical alternative to A-Level Media Studies, the BTEC in Creative Digital Media Production offers a practical alternative to the theory-based A-Level course. During the course work, students will be exposed to industry-standard equipment and software as they develop and produce media products like television advertisements, short films, and music videos. There is also an opportunity for the students to produce media products for a real-world client as represented by industry employers.

  • What are Media Studies Teaching Resources?

    Media Studies Teaching resources provide educational material focused on Media Studies - the branch of study dedicated to analysing various forms of media - for teachers of any discipline that includes its analysis. It includes all necessary teaching resources at GCSE, A Level, and BTEC levels that ensure full coverage of this subject matter.

    • Instructional lectures, activities and exercises
    • Hands-on group work assignments
    • Real-world event case studies
    • Readings taken from leading Media Studies texts & publications
    • Revision notes covering past paper questions and key examination topics

    Teachers using these resources are able to introduce students to Media Studies fundamentals while at the same time providing valuable social context. Material may be adjusted based on exam syllabuses for higher education level tests such as BTEC or advanced exams such as A Level, to cover all areas which candidates must master prior to taking assessments tests like an examination by an external examiner. By equipping learners with these tools they'll not only have better comprehension but will be prepared for exam success with access to reliable revision notes covering key topics relevant to examination success by external examiners!