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58 products available in the following categories:

SENCO Support

Communication and interaction

Cognition and learning

Social, emotional and mental health difficulties

Sensory or physical needs

SEN Subject Resources

English, Maths, Science, Geography, ICT & Computer Science, MFL,

Children in this category are learners that require special attention due to some of the following conditions – ADHD, Autism, Dyscalculia, or Dysgraphia – and our resources have been designed to give these children the same experience as their counterparts in mainstream curriculum schools. Our resources can also be used in the same mainstream schools as supportive of the learning experience.

Resource Pack

In our resource packs, you will find the material specifically designed with Special Needs Education in mind and will help with learning activities that stimulate the children’s behaviour, speech, and communication skills. As a teacher or parent, you can choose from quality SEN learning materials that will assist them in the classroom and will even help the teacher with presenting the course work in a more effective manner. The resources have many ideas on how to teach children with disabilities and special needs. You will better equipped to teach and stimulate the children in your class with SEN needs.

SEN Teaching Resources and Classroom Ideas

The SEN resources packs are focussed on providing every child with the same learning opportunities as in mainstream schools and enable them to reach their full potential in school. It provides the teacher and student with speech and language therapy resources that will further support the students learning of Maths as well as reading of all subjects.

With more than 220000 learners in the UK in the SEN learning program, it is vital that teachers are not only aware of these learners but also have the correct resources available to teach and support these learners throughout their educational careers.