Microsoft Excel 2013 – Beginning: (Student Manual) (Color)

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Numeracy and Literacy
web/2233 Book Banding Worksheets – Rigby Star
web/1535 Essential Literacy Skills
web/1910 Leap into Grammar – Year 3
web/1911 Leap into Grammar – Year 4
web/1912 Leap into Grammar – Year 5
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Transition to Secondary
web/1917 Leaving Primary School – The Big Transition

The sooner children have access to quality materials to make their learning easier and fun, the sooner they can engage with key aspects and concepts that will be easier integrated at their age. Their comprehension and integration will develop beyond their counterparts.


With the 2011 White Paper – The Importance of Teaching – the UK government determined that improving the educational standards is key to increasing the literacy rate of adolescent children. The current rate is 1 in 5 of privileged children having the literacy they require and the statistic gets even worse in underprivileged children. With the ability to read and write the rest of the curriculum becomes all the easier for the children.

As the bedrock of Key Stage 1 in the National Curriculum, these resources will help your children reach and surpass the required standard of their learning. As primary school students are at the beginning of the education these resources are as crucial to their learning as attending class in itself. Students have not gotten used to the class setting and with the variety of fun activities they get the opportunity to learn in more effective ways than students without the benefit of these resources. These resources can even be applied for students in Key Stage 2 as it will assist them with understanding the more difficult concepts with colourful and creative ways to learn their work.