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217 courses available in the following categories:

GCSE Business (9-1)
A Level Business 2015
BTEC Business

GCSE Economics (9-1)
A Level Economics

With courses designed to cater to all learning styles and interests, students from all over will benefit from achieving a qualification in either BTEC Technical Award in Enterprise (KS4) or BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Business (KS5). The course material covers the full range of assessed projects that range from individual research presentations to group projects with portfolio reporting and demanding exam assessments.

Course Plan

With a choice of 3 course levels, BTEC Technical Award, A-Level or GSCE Business Studies, students have the option of taking both courses to complement their education with the full spectrum of Business and Economics studies that we offer. Both courses follow a similar content and have modular assessments to ensure the material is fully understood and integrated through portfolio evaluation that develops in-depth time management skills and deadline management in students. The course plan covers the following material with A-Level evaluations:

A-Level Economic Studies

Exploring the real-world applications of economic theory and concepts, the A-Level Economics modules will assist students in a broad understanding of the effect of Economics. Students will delve into the broad political and social impact of economic issues and conditions and how these situations affect the daily lives of the population at large. This course focuses on the analysis and understanding of the market economy as well as the role of governments in maintaining a healthy economic environment.

A-Level Business Studies

Students who want to understand how business structures such as ethics, finance, marketing, and human resources all fit together in an organization will be pleased with this course as it will help them discover the value structures that make a well-run business. Successful students will come away with a critical understanding of how business behavior and value-added services come together to build an effective business. Students will be exposed to the intricacies of a business from all perspectives, from stakeholder to end-user, to understand the dynamics of decision making and problem-solving as well as risk-taking that has built successful businesses throughout history.

BTEC – Subsidiary Diploma in Business

The course helps students develop skills such as teamwork and effective use of ICT in the real business world. The BTEC course will explore the relationship between ethics, finance, human resources and economic conditions in the big picture world of business. Special attention will be given to independent work, solution thinking and time management skills.