Microsoft Excel 2016 – Intermediate: Student Manual (Color)

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With students given the unique opportunity to broaden their understanding of how our knowledge in other subject matter can influence the application design of technology. In this course, the student will explore the interconnectivity between the various disciplines such as Computer Science, Marketing and Business including Art and Design.

GCSE Design and Technology

The updated curriculum in the GCSE Design and Technology course focusses on learning and in-depth comprehension of the materials and technological processes within established practices. Participating students will use their forward-thinking imaginations and creativity to develop working prototypes to address real-world issues and problems.

The course material is put together to challenge each student to hold true to the values and needs of others and themselves whilst being successful in an ever-evolving technological world. Students will be influenced by social, cultural, environmental, historical and economic factors in their pursuit of Design and Technology excellence.

During the course, students will be exposed to fundamental technical and design processes that include a wide variety of design and technical processes involving materials and equipment to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of technically specialist principles intrinsically.

A-level Design and Technology

With this accreditation, students will approach any number of careers with creativity and practical knowledge that is based on a theoretical understanding of the creative process demanded by modern industries. The GCSE Design and Technology course will take students on a journey through the many influences on design such as history and social dynamics like economics and technology applications. This will allow them to develop the prototype of their choice for the desired result.

With a full understanding of the demands and requirements of being a quality designer, students will be able to answer the call of higher education or even employers upon completing this course.