Microsoft Outlook 2010: (Student Manual) (Black & White)

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AS & A Level
Edexcel Further Maths

Edexcel International
GCSE Mathematics A (2016 spec)
A Level (2018)

Functional Maths


The curriculum is designed to systematically build these skills and prepare the students for further studies in GCSE Mathematics. The skills that students gain are wide and far-reaching as they explore the world of Mathematics with practical skills, calculator use and the abstract understanding of Algebra, Data, and Shapes.

Years 7, 8 & 9

The first 2 years (7 & 8) students will be evaluated in a range of formats to prepare them for the exams they will face in the following years in GCSE studies. With measured and tracked performance students will be shown the learning opportunities they have in their course material for further assessment.

Year 9 is once again a stepping stone between Key Stage 3 and GCSE levels and students will be challenged by the course material to develop the advanced problem-solving ability they would need to further their studies.

Years 10 & 11

Mathematics is a required subject for all students and at the end of year 11, the students are evaluated by means of examinations.  Students are given the understanding to apply their mathematical knowledge to fluently solve the problem by selecting and applying their techniques during the course. They develop the ability to reason and deduce the logical interpretations of the information they are presented with.

Sixth Form

The study of A-Level Mathematics is a great way to prepare for the challenges that a career in Engineering, Computer Science, Medicine, and even Law will bring. Students with an A-Level in Mathematics and Further Mathematics will be able to analytically problem solve in any vocation as well as at university studies.

Mathematics A-Level

This course will inspire students to be more confident and will provide a strong foundation for their future. By understanding the way that mathematics connects the various areas of our lives students will develop the skills to address the various issues we face in the world today.

Further Mathematics A-Level

Building on the material from the A-level Mathematics course, Further Mathematics aims to grow the students understanding in Proof, Complex Numbers, Matrices, and Advanced Algebra. They will also delve into the world of Further Calculus and Vectors, Polar Coordinates and Hyperbolic Functions and much more.