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These inquiring minds will recognize the Political Courses as a place to engage in challenging debate and discussions on the political landscape of the day and they will be able to keep up to date with all the latest political happenings in the world via the internet, and TV media. The A-Level Political studies course does not have specific course work but the students will be evaluated through essay work that involves significant research work and interpretation.

A-Level Politics

During this course, students will be given the opportunity to delve into the UK and USA political environments and work through various comparative analyses to understand the comparisons and differences in these political systems. Students will be required to develop a critical understanding of the political aspects the drive the nature of these institutions and how the delicate relationships between these two political institutions are managed and the processes that drive them.

Students will study the 4 ideologies that drive the UK and US political systems and will gain an in-depth understanding of issues and debates active within the political environments. At the end of the course, the students will be evaluated through 3 major exams as described by Edexel.

  • Paper 1: UK Politics and Core Political Ideas

A 2-hour paper that has students answer questions in essay format regarding the UK political system under the topics of Democracy & Participation, Political Parties, Electoral Systems, and Voting Behaviors. The paper will also include a short essay on either Socialism, Conservatism or Liberalism.

  • Paper 2: UK Government and Non-core Political Ideas:

A 2-hour that covers the UK political system under the topics of the Constitution, Parliament, the Prime Minister, and Inter-Relationships between Political Parties and Institutions. It will include a short essay on one of the following topics chosen by your center of study – Nationalism, Ecologism, Multi-Culturalism or Anarchism.

  • Paper 3: Comparative Politics – USA:

A 2-hour paper on the comparisons between the UK and US political landscapes as well as more in-depth analyses on the US Constitution, the Presidency, the US Congress, the Supreme Court, Civil Rights Movement, Democracy and Participation.