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The courseware will develop a student’s ability to question, investigate and analyze their scientific knowledge in order to solve problems and relevant issues. During this course, students will study the relationship between the human body and the materialistic world from the perspective of Matter, Atomic structures and Acids & Alkalines. A Scientific qualification will provide passionate students with a path to a successful career in Science.

Years 10 & 11

As a compulsory subject for all students, the Combined Science course will result in 2 GCSEs in Science. Students with an aptitude for Science can opt for the separate GCSEs and will experience more challenging coursework that will require them to develop their understanding and knowledge of a wide spectrum of the science curriculum.

Students will be tested in exams designed to have the students apply their knowledge in unknown contexts to evaluate their analytical thought processes in presenting their course work and technique. The exams will have a significant practical element to get students used to the experimental techniques studied in the theoretical sections of the course work.

Sixth Form

This popular Science qualification is a stepping stone for students that want to pursue a career in Medicine, Physical & Chemical Engineering, Marine Biology, Physiotherapy as well as other science-based qualifications.

Biology A-Level

This course is a study of the Science of Living Things and it is a combination of the scientific method, practical skills and problem-solving within the framework of socially relevant content.

Chemistry A-Level

This A-Level course has 3 main aspects – Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry – and will challenge the student’s ability to apply their logical thinking and problem-solving techniques. Students with an interest in both the theoretical and practical application of chemistry will surely enjoy this qualification.

Physics A-Level

The A-Level physics course work is an exploration of the motion of our everyday lives as it pertains to objects from pedal bikes to gases to electrical circuits all the way to the sub-atomic structures the world that surrounds us. It also delves into massive forces that formed our universe and how it determines the fate of celestial bodies.