Microsoft PowerPoint 2013: Overview: (Student Manual) (Color)

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90 products available in the following categories:

  • BTEC Firsts (Level 1/2)
    • Health and Social Care (2012)
  • BTEC Tech Awards (Level 2)
    • Health and Social Care (2017)
  • OCR Cambridge Nationals (L1/2)
    • Health and Social Care
    • Child Development


  • BTEC Nationals (Level 3)
    • Health and Social Care (2016)
    • Children’s Play, Learning & Development (2016)
    • Health and Social Care (Legacy: 2010)

By meeting their deadlines the students will experience the following from this courseware:

  • Skills development they need for university and ultimately a career in the Social and Health sector.
  • A subject matter that will open up the world of career possibilities in this sector
  • Friendly and supportive teaching staff
  • Engaging course work with challenging exam assessments
  • Hands-on course work that prepares them for employment.


A total of 4 units will be covered in this BTEC Health and Social Care course, 2 units evaluated by exam work in the Human Lifespan Development and Working in Health & Social Care, and 2 units internally evaluated. The completion of this course will assist in the progression to successful careers in Health and Social sector.

This BTEC course can be taken in conjunction with other BTEC courses and the course material and knowledge gained during this course can be superimposed on any circumstance whether in their lives or further career work.

  • This course is nationally recognized as a vocational qualification that is specific to employment in the health and social care sector.
  • Students develop the knowledge and understanding to meet the high standards of the Health And Social Care academic university requirements
  • This course explores in detail what the role of a social worker is in today’s environment as well as the responsibilities towards their clients and patients.
  • This course develops the skills and techniques they would need in their career like self-learning and teamwork as well as personal qualities and attributes that are crucial for a successful career in Health & Social services sector