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Studies include:

  • Active engagement in musical studies
  • To fluently develop musical skills both individually and in groups by mastering the resources at hand
  • Learn how to compose and arrange musical ideas with the appropriate resources
  • Utilizing the links between performing, composing and appraising activities and how this influences the development of music performances
  • Develop their creativity and imagination to broaden their musical understanding
  • Gain the knowledge, understanding, and skillset to interact and communicate as musicians
  • A variety of instruments, styles, and approaches to performing and composing music
  • The use of different technologies in creating and presentation of musical arts
  • The recognition of the multitude of genres, traditions and styles of music and understanding the chronological progression of music
  • Develop and reflect on the growth of other students and themselves as they collectively expand their musical minds
  • The rich heritage of music and how it impacts on their personal, social and intellectual as well as cultural development


A-Level Musical Studies

The A-Level course offers students a combination of academic and creative opportunities to explore music. The course material is focussed on developing 3 major skills – Performing, Listening & Composing and Appraising – as they build their musical knowledge. Students develop their theoretical understanding of the musical arts and performing principles including given the change to build their practical skills in both studying and composing music.

A-Level Musical Studies offer the students the change to develop the skills to use various musical instruments and devices and gain confidence in composing and performing music. Their skills in the evaluation of musical art are also expanded by exposing the students to the critical nature of appraising their own and other’s musical performances.

BTEC Music

During this course, students are exposed to the intricacies of how the music industry works and how the business aspect of the industry operates, including promotion, composing, production and sound engineering as well as studio recording. Students are evaluated on their understanding of the use of sampling, sequencing, and recording, mixing and editing of musical productions. BTEC Music is a more practical hands-on course that involves the understanding of live concerts, selling and producing musical media for the market. The course also has written evaluations and affords the student with a challenging way to broaden their musical horizons.