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  • Key Stage Three
    • Tried and Tested: KS3 Art Projects
  • AS/A Level
    • Sketchbook Companions for AS and A Level Art

Students get the opportunity to grow into lateral learners by engaging the curriculum designed to equip them with the artistic knowledge to grow their creative abilities. By developing their creative abilities the students become more innovative and resourceful adults. The high-quality courseware in Art Studies is both challenging and developmental for students and is designed to get students to engage their artistic flair as well as interact on a critical level with historic and modern Art in all its forms.

Key Stage 3 (KS3) Art Studies

A curriculum that is filled with projects where students can express their love for Art within a structured framework. During the challenging 2-year courseware the students are introduced to a host of formal basic skills and each exam project is aimed to build their understanding of their abilities to think creatively, risk-tolerance, and inner confidence with 3D-sculptures, creative drawing, and painting.


Students will develop their creative and technical skills during this phase of their education. The curriculum focuses on understanding Art in a more in-depth way by examing the influence of historical art on our contemporary visual art expression. Students at A-level Art Studies will also practice and develop the individual body of practical Art Portfolio as they are guided by the exceptional teaching faculty in the Art programs.

Our A-Level Art Studies courseware introduces the students to an extensive range of media and processes to develop their skills in drawing, painting, or printmaking, in fact in a specialty that they might choose. Students are availed of the opportunity to develop their chosen specialty in a creative and practical manner, this forms the core focus of their study time during this phase.

A major aspect of the coursework is to research and study Art and Design in various formats from online, printed media, as well as historical documents, to develop their skills at expressing their Artistic visions. These practical works require the students to explore their own influences and the inspirations that have shaped their artworks. Students will also have the opportunity to review and analyze art from the ages in galleries and exhibitions.