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6 products available in the following categories:

  • A Place of Your Own
  • Employability Skills eLearning: 21 modules with optional lesson plans
  • Improving Assertiveness and Decision Making
  • The World of Work: Activities and Stimulus Materials
  • The World of Work: both resources
  • The World of Work: How to Direct your Career


The ability to choose the proper career path is an essential skill that so many young people need assistance with, especially when it comes to the choice of further studies and subject choice. With the wide range of institutions and available fields of studies, it is imperative to provide young people with guidance in Career Courses. Good career advice is crucial to prevent the rising percentage of “drop-out” students from higher education and development programs and get ready for the working world.

Coursework and Skills

The demands of the world economy and the new and exciting developments in technology have made the ability to present your skills and training effectively has become almost as important a skill as the new skills that students need to interact with the changing world in the 21st century.

Students will get in-depth training on how to do the following along with many other skills:

  • CV Writing – students will be able to present a self-written CV that details their skills and education in an understandable manner. They will also learn how to present their CV to a chosen job description and how to use their learned skills to identify the relevant information and details to use when applying for career positions.
  • Letter Writing – a great CV is only as effective as the Cover Letter. The cover letter is what recruiters and employers use to get a snapshot of your skills and attributes that would make you the perfect candidate for their opportunity.
  • Interview Techniques – the ability to answer interview questions is critical in exhibiting your skills in correlation to the interviewer’s questions. Students will be able to explain their abilities to the interviewer and to present their knowledge in an effective manner.

Students will also be given the following during this course

  • Detailed information on further studies – Higher Education and Training programs
  • Information on the required skills and qualifications for any chosen career
  • Details on current and future career opportunities