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23 products available in the following categories:

  • A level Latin (2016 specifications)
    • OCR (H043/H443)
      • Prose Literature 2019-2021
      • Verse Literature 2019-2021
      • Prose Literature 2021-2023
      • Verse Literature 2021-2023
  • GCSE Latin (2016 specifications)
    • OCR
      • 2020-21 (Literature)
      • 2022-23 (Literature)
      • Language
      • Literature and Culture
  • GCSE Classical Civilisation (2017 specifications)
    • Group 2: Literature and Culture

With such a large percentage of the English language stemming from ancient Latin, The study of classical languages and the structures, vocabulary, and meaning the English language can be explored in a more in-depth manner. The study of Latin, with its highly organized grammar and complex terminology and phrases, is a study in the oratory arts and is crucial to students who are wanting to pursue a career in Law.

GCSE Latin

The coursework covers the following aspects:

  1. Latin Language – incorporating the comprehension and translation of Latin passages and the recognition of grammatical structures
  2. Latin Literature – studying Latin texts, proses and verses like – A Day at the Races, Schools, and Education
  3. Roman Civilization – the study of topics like Roman Entertainment and Leisure, Religion in the Roman World

The Classical Courses will help students develop their ability to communicate and will broaden their English vocabulary by understanding the Latin roots of the English language and other European languages. They will develop a keen awareness of how languages work and how they have been influenced by the Roman civilization as well as the influence on our modern culture.

Classical Civilization GCSE (OCR)

Studying the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome will provide students with a broad understanding of how those societies functioned and how they influenced the development of our modern culture. The fictional stories from Classical Civilizations like the Iliad and The Odyssey have been used in modern epic feature films like Troy and many others. These stories are engaging and exciting to read in their own right and stand alone as literary masterpieces. With source materials available in English, students can enjoy the study of Classical Civilizations without having the mastery of Latin or Greek.

This highly respected course has two key aspects:

  1. Thematic Study – the exploration of the Myths and Religions of the Ancient World
  2. Literature and Culture – Understanding War and Warfare in the Ancient World

A-Level Latin

The A-Level coursework will expand the students’ understanding of Literature of the Ancient World by guiding them through the set works in a more in-depth manner. The coursework has 2 sections, Prose and Verse Literature, where students and teachers have the opportunity to critically analyze chosen authors in greater detail. The OCR A-Level course also encourages learners to read extra texts from the ancient authors to gain a better understanding of the context of the chosen texts. This process will have students study at least 4 different authors in their preparation for their final exams