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By using their independent analytical thinking skills to understand the different roles within various theatre and live productions. Students in the Drama Courses will engage in practical dramatic work with their fellow students to develop an empathetic and respectful understanding of the collective works all the while developing their acting talents.

Core Objectives

  • Develop a practical and theoretical knowledge of the various styles of theatre and plays
  • Participation in written and practical exams to express and analyze their dramatic techniques and performances
  • Perform regular drama presentations to gain the confidence to perform at exceptional levels
  • Continuously develop core skills like communication, co-operation, and confidence transferable to any chosen career path

Key Stage 3

The weekly Drama session in the KS3 coursework will have students develop their performing skills as they interact with a variety of dramatic themes and theatric styles and genres such as Naturalism, Silent Movies, Melodrama, and Storytelling as well as Greek Chorus and Mask work. Key focus areas such as Characterization and Team Work will be examined in a confidence-building manner to nurture their empathetic and respectful understanding.


With a strong focus on enhancing the student’s individual performance work, the GCSE Drama coursework is based on the Eduqas syllabus. Over the 2 years of study, the students will continue to develop their understanding of theatre and dramatic expression to a very deep level. This will cover a wide range of aspects such as the influence of practitioners and how to utilize these influences to shape and define their own performances. Their ability to interpret scripts and stimuli will put to the test during the coursework. Students will enjoy the opportunity to study plays in live performances and to express their developed skills in practical and written exams. This process will extensively develop their creativity, self-confidence, and communication skills.


The BTEC Level-2 Tech Award in Performing Arts gives students the opportunity to express their knowledge and technical dramatic skills with practical coursework. They will take an in-depth analytical examination of the various roles within theatre – actor, director, writer, and designer -, as well as the various styles such as Physical, Verbatim, and Naturalism Theatre. The coursework will also foster a deeper understanding of the performing arts from the perspective of first-hand experiences. With the BTEC course is the equivalent of one GCSE and gives students the practical experience of what life in the theatrical arts will be like.


Students will follow the Eduqas syllabus in the A-Level Drama & Theatre, and over the course of 2-years, they will be tested on their creativity as they are examined in 3 performance pieces. They will display their skills as either Actor or Designer as they interpret the chosen course texts. They will explore the styles and approaches to the various performance pieces from practitioners and companies. With a final exam in both written format and practical format, the students will display their developed skills in the theoretical and practical presentation of the performing Arts.