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The wide-reaching geographical curriculum will encourage students to be free-thinking, investigative questioning human beings. Throughout Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 this course will immerse the students in the world of geography and focus on developing the knowledge and understanding of the concepts and skills required for Geography. Students will take part in several activities both in-class and out of class, as well as focusses fieldwork.

Years 7 & 8

The course material in years 7 & 8 will provide the students with a fundamental knowledge of geography that will prepare them for the years ahead. The course content includes topics like Rivers and Coasts, Ecosystems and Tourism as well as Fantastic Places around the World. Course evaluation will comprise of a variety of assessments in multiple formats.

Year 9 – Transition Year

The topics covered in this year of Geography studies will introduce the students to the content that will be explored in the GCSE course. The more detailed curriculum will cover interesting content like Plate Tectonics, Development and Geography of Human Health as well as Population & Urbanization. The student will be exposed to the exam technique that will equip them for the years ahead.

Years 10 & 11

Geography GCSE – OCR B

The course is divided into 3 sections. They will explore geography is the following ways:

  • Paper 1 – Physical Geography – Ecosystems, Coasts, Landscapes, and climate change
  • Paper 2 – Geographical Resources – Resource Depletion, Urban Issues, and Global Development
  • Paper 3 – Geographical Exploration – Researching and Understanding Geographical Data and the manipulation of data for in-depth understanding.

OCR Geography A-Level

At this level, students are internally evaluated on the coursework that includes a wide range of topics that build on the foundational studies done in previous years. Special attention will be given to the understanding of our geographical world and how humans affect the world we live on, how our life impacts on the geography of our coastlines and the cycle of life. The fieldwork that students completed in year 12 will be assessed internally in a multi-faceted approach.