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From GCSE, AS, A-Level, or higher educational institutions. The coursework for the WJEC Eduqas qualification in Film Studies will develop the following skills within the students:

  • How to express meaning and elicit responses through film
  • Exposure to a vast cultural contrasting range of film in the worldwide context
  • Using film as an aesthetic medium
  • Using film to reflect the social, cultural and political views of the community
  • How technology and film have grown interlinked over the years
  • How to apply their knowledge and understanding of film, production, and screenwriting


GCSE Film Studies

This coursework in Film Studies offers the students a WJEC Eduqas specification at GCSE level and will be specifically suited to students that are enthusiastic about film production. The course will expose them to a vast collection of cinematic history that has shaped the film production industry as well as technology used, over the years. Students will study the influential US mainstream film industry from the 1950s to the 1980s by studying one film from each decade. Students will also study more recent independent films from various film producers such as the USA, UK, South Africa, and Australia, they will particularly study the production process of these films to get an understanding of the extent of the production process.

The diverse nature of the film coursework will give students an in-depth understanding of how a film is produced and how the various aspects of filmmaking come together from screenwriting to filmmaking to final production. The student will be able to produce creative films and screenplays for the examiners where they will display their ability to produce a film from their perspective.

A Level

At this level of studies, students will be exposed to a selection of films that will broaden their concept of film and the complexity of the meanings that they can carry to the audience. Students will study the mainstream film industry of the US and UK, to understand the interaction and contrast of the British and American film industry as well as the independent film industry globally.

Students will also study historical film formats like silent films and significantly influential films that have made an impact on the industry over the years. Through this in-depth look at filmmaking, the student will get to understand the evolution of filmmaking from the early days of black and white silent films to the technological masterpieces of the modern era.

Students will also be exposed to the production process of filmmaking as this will form a crucial part of the curriculum, the diverse range of films will give students the opportunity to apply their understanding of the film industry with their own productions. Through high-quality film and production, they will expand their knowledge of the industry at large and become the filmmakers of the future.