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GCSE (9-1)
AQA, Edexcel, OCR A, OCR B


A Level
AQA, Edexcel, OCR

Students will be afforded the opportunity to explore History outside of the classroom with trips designed to inspire students with the past and it has shaped the world we know today.

Years 7 & 8

In the first 2 years, 7 & 8, students are taken on a journey through British history, starting with the Romans in year 7 to introduce students to the basic historical skills of analysis, and evaluating chronological events and skills. Students explore Medieval England for the remainder of the 7th year. Year 8 is where students explore key areas of British History like the Tudors, English Civil War, and the British Empire. Assessments are every half term via exams or essays on coursework and with several written projects during the year.

Year 9 – Transition Year

During this year students will study the events of the Twentieth Century and will further develop their skills in investigating and interrogating historical events like WWI, WWII, the Russian Revolution, and the Cold War. During the year student will be treated to a visit to the Imperial War Museum or a trip to the WWI Battlefields in France.

As before students will be evaluated in the same manner as in years 7 & 8. 

Years 10 & 11

The GCSE coursework in History covers the following topics, Crime & Punishment in Britain, The Cold War, Superpower Relations, Elizabeth I and The Civil Rights Movement in the USA, and the Vietnam War. Students further develop their historical skills in analyzing and interrogating historical evidence and understanding the interpretations of others. The lesson plan is designed to prepare students for the vast content and revision skills needed for the successful completion of the course. Students can choose from a Cold War tour in Berlin or a Jack the Ripper Walking Tour for a deeper exploration of history.

Students are examined throughout the two years with mock exams and topical tests as well as homework practical projects. The study of History gives students the skills for the real world like organization, research, and analysis as well as communication.

Sixth Form

A-Level History is very popular for students that want to further their studies in history. During the A-Level coursework, students cover four units – Communist China, Communist Russia, and Changing Nature of British Warfare and coursework investigation into the Holocaust. Skills that students develop are debate and investigation, interpreting questions, and sustaining an argument.