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A Level (2017 specifications)
OCR (H015/H415), AQA (7161/7162)

A Level (Legacy)
AQA (A2), AQA (AS), OCR (AS), OCR Contract Law, OCR Criminal Law, Updates

The A-Level Course in Law is the foundation for students that want to pursue a career in the practice of Law. It’s designed to develop skills like thinking, writing, debating, and learning within students and to enhance their ability to articulate their thoughts and conclusions on paper and verbally.

AQA Exam

The A-Level coursework follows the AQA examination specification and it offers students the following:

  • Nature of Law – the relationship that Law has with Society, Morality, and the Justice system. Exploring the fundamental legal concept of The Rule of Law and Parliamentary Sovereignty
  • English Legal System – understanding the way Law is made by Parliament and Appeal Court as well as the core legal institutions like Civil & Criminal Courts and the personnel that practice Law
  • Criminal Law – understanding Fatal (Murder and Man Slaughter etc.) and Non-Fatal (Assault and Grievous Bodily Harm etc.) Offenses against the Person and crimes against property. Students also study the Criminal Legal Theory.
  • Tort Law – the understanding of Tort Law (the Law of Wrong Doing) which deals with Negligence and Private Nuisance and the concepts of Liability and Remedy in the courts
  • Option Choice – with a choice of Human Rights or Contract Law, students can explore the historical development of human rights and the approach to this theory, or the various components of the contract – offer acceptance, consideration, and intention.