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A Level
AQA (2017 specification)

Key Stage 3 Philosophy

The coursework follows a problem-oriented approach where students would identify a problem in society and considers how to answer it through a process of investigation and interrogation.

The three main aspects – Metaphysics (What Exists), Moral Philosophy (Ethics), and Epistemology (Knowledge), and the curriculum covers the later 2 aspects in the first year and Metaphysics in the second year. Metaphysics has 2 parts – Metaphysics of the Mind and of God – and these are explored in the A-Level coursework.


  • Epistemology – the identification of Knowledge and how it is obtained, and what we can truly call knowledge if anything at all
  • Moral Philosophy – explores the 3 main aspects of Ethical Decision making and if they are adequate
  • Philosophy of the Mind – discovering the relationship between The Mind and The Body (Brain)
  • Philosophy of Religion – exploring the existence of God and which arguments to attempt to prove and which to disprove, whether traditional God Language is consistent or meaningful philosophically speaking


The curriculum is an analytical approach to philosophy and the discovery of what is known to be true, how these ideas impact our daily lives. In broad strokes, this is the foundation of philosophical education.


The coursework at this level requires the students to engage in concise thinking at a deeper level. The aim is to get the student to engage with New Ideas at such a level that they not only know the information but that they fully understand the knowledge and can apply it. This process of focused Thinking has several aspects to it:

  • Understanding the discussed Ideas and debating them broadening their ability to listen and verbalize their thoughts
  • Discussion and Debate to help clarify and evaluate students grasp of the concepts and arguments on either side of the discussion
  • Self-Discovery and Thinking to internalize the concepts to effectively apply them
  • Writing their clear understanding of the Ideas to express their thoughts and feelings about these issues