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A Level
AQA (7191 and 7192)

Students will explore the origin of behavior and how it has evolved over time. This exploration will include such distinctions as class, race, and gender. The A-Level coursework will take students on a journey of how the forces and social institutions we live in have shaped our society and how it has impacted our behaviors within these groups with regards to religion, media, and our education.


Sociology A-Level is a study of our contemporary society, with a special focus on developing an understanding of the social structure and behaviors of these social structures and how they impact the human race. Students will engage in productive debate on questions like:

  • Why do boys underachieve in the education system?
  • Why are black people five times more likely to be stopped and searched?
  • Why are women more religious when religion oppresses them?


Students will gain an understanding of the fundamental sociological methods and theories – Functionalism, Marxism & Feminism – that will help them comprehend the diversity of our society and the many forces that continue to shape our social structures. Students will be encouraged to view society with a new perspective and critically question the norm to better understand the real issues that impact our society today. Students will explore the multiple ways that our societal experience has shaped our society and vice versa.

With their newfound perspective on society, students will have a much broader outlook on group identity and individuals’ future within society.


The most popular specification of exam is the AQA board exam because of the various interesting topics teachers and students can choose from. These topics include:

  • Culture & Identity
  • Families & Households
  • Health
  • Work
  • Poverty & Welfare
  • Beliefs in Society
  • Global Development
  • The Media
  • Stratification & Differentiation

The exam boards, however, cover a range of core aspects of Sociology which include:

  • Understanding and in-depth knowledge of social issues and changes
  • Analyzing key sociological theories and perspectives
  • Exploring the methodology of sociological research
  • Nurturing a keen interest in students for social, political and economic issues that impact society