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Travel Memories can last a lifetime and if you want to help people have those memories then the Travel & Tourism course is where you need to apply. Students will study topics like Customer Experience, Marketing, Business Operations, Events & Current Issues, and Global Destinations. They will also explore aspects of travel like Working Overseas, Airport Experience, Specialist Tourism, and the Cruise Industry.


During this course, students will explore and develop their skills in understanding the industry and how it’s grown over the last 50 years. Students will evaluate how the industry has been affected by current trends and global factors. The BTEC Travel & Tourism qualification will offer students multiple career paths in the industry sectors from retail travel agencies to tour operators to events management worldwide.

Students that achieve exceptional merit or distinction grade can continue to higher education that will open up a world of career opportunities and management fast track programs. Successful students will be those that have a keen interest in the travel industry and have a hard-working attitude, and a drive to achieve deadlines and goals.

The Qualification includes several mandatory focus units:

  • The importance of the Travel Industry to the Economy of the UK – impact, interpret and analyze
  • The features and appeal of Global Destinations
  • Managing the Customer Experience both internally and externally
  • Developing students Enterprise and Entrepreneurial skills – planning and executing marketing strategies
  • Understanding the issues that affect the Travel & Tourism industry and how to respond to them
  • Exploring the UK as a Travel destination for inbound and outbound tourists