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Adult Literacy Core Curriculum Work Booklets

Improving Assertiveness and Decision Making

All adults have the right to be educated and have a base level of skill in literacy and numeracy. The strategy determines the course work and programs that are taught to further adult education within the workplace and for the unemployed within the system – meaning prisons and in programs based in the community and family structures. It helps teachers understand the needs of the adult students and address the lessons accordingly. This system enables teachers and adult students they work with to have a clear set of standards that helps meet national requirements for workplace literacy.

Course Curriculum

To address the over 7 million adults in the UK that have literacy and numeracy difficulties, the Adult Literacy Core Curriculum was implemented in 2000, the core focus of the curriculum is designed with the following principles in mind:

  1. Assessment of the learners current and required skills
  2. Use the relevant aspects of the coursework to address the needs of students and develop assessments for exam purposes
  3. Personalize the learning by applying the lessons to their specific context and environment so that learners can practice their skills in real-world scenarios
  4. Systematically follow student’s progression through the coursework to understand the formative and summative learning and create a regiment of exam to comply with the standards set.

The ability to speak, listen to read and write as well as respond with comprehension is what is defined as adult literacy and the curriculum is designed to develop these skills across three specific dynamics of literacy – Text, Sentence and Word Focus – using the process of reading with comprehension and writing fluently as the basis of the study material. These dynamic areas of learning are interwoven to facilitate in-depth learning for the students.