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PE and Sport teaching resources provide teachers with comprehensive materials, activities, and lesson plans to help them effectively teach Physical Education and Sport in the classroom.

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Physical education and sport are integral parts of an all-rounded education, helping develop physical abilities, foster teamwork, and promote healthier lifestyles. Educourseware’s comprehensive library of courses equip teachers with all they need to create engaging lessons that engage their students – so start searching now for resources supporting PE/sport teaching!

Our PE and Sport Teaching Resources contain an abundance of information for planning Physical Education units, games, activities, lesson plans and technology tools – as well as helpful online courses and information for physical education teachers looking to continue developing themselves and expand their pedagogy. With easy-to-follow tutorials and guides that guide teaching Physical Education lessons and activities or games – rest assured your students will experience an enjoyable learning journey!

Educourseware understands the significance of providing teachers with quality resources that enable them to deliver effective physical education lessons. Our selection includes activities appropriate for elementary school students as well as comprehensive learning activities designed specifically for PE classes.

As part of our dedication to helping teachers make the most of their PE and sport teaching resources, we aim to assist educators with creating engaging lessons for their students using physical education (PE). With our comprehensive library of courses you are sure to find all materials needed for creating fun yet educational lessons with PE classes – why not browse through our PE and Sport Teaching Resources today?

397 resources available in the following categories:

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  • GCSE (9-1)
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    • Edexcel
    • Eduqas
    • OCR
    • WJEC
  • A Level
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    • OCR (AS only)
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  • BTEC
    • BTEC Firsts (Level 1-2)
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    • BTEC Tech Award (Level 1-2)
    • BTEC Technicals (L2)
  • OCR Cambridge Nationals (L1/2)
    • Sports Studies
    • Sport Science

  • NCFE Technical Award (Level 1/2)

  • OCR Cambridge Technicals (Level 3)

  • Cambridge IGCSE

Key Stage 3

Students are educated in the variety of sports available for both genders. Girls enjoy Netball, Hockey, Football, Rounders, and Tennis. Boys experience Football, Hockey, Rugby, Cricket and Tennis.

Key Stage 4

Course work is of GCSE Level and activities are expanded to Sports Centre Fitness, Trampoline, Volleyball, Dodgeball, Lacrosse and Girls Rugby and Softball.

Key Stage 5

Students experience A-Level and BTEC Sport Level 3 course materials and are exposed to various leadership opportunities.

Year 10 and 11 GCSE AQA and Edexcel

A large part of this courseware is the Theory of Physical Education, which is a very challenging and detailed course, and students are further exposed to the information they experienced in Key Stage 3. Key attention is given to physical activities and promoting a healthy lifestyle.


The practical evaluation is aimed at gauging the student’s skills in demonstrating core skills associated with a variety of sporting activities. Students have to choose 3 activities to be evaluated on and are benefited by their interest in Physical Education and the health benefits of keeping fit and active.

A-Level Physical Education

At this level, students enjoy a 2-year journey with course work that broadens their understanding of the concepts explored in Key Stage 4. This course is an organic progression from GSCE Physical Education and is a natural stepping stone to higher studies in Physical Education whilst still being a worthwhile course to complete on its own.

BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Sport

For students desiring a career in the Sports and Leisure sector. With practical modules, students are evaluated based on the theoretical content covered in the course work. The BTEC theoretical units are designed to support and encourage a deeper understanding of the practical content.

  • What are PE and Sport Teaching Resources?

    PE and Sport Teaching resources provide secondary schools with the essentials required for teaching physical education (PE) and sports in secondary school settings, from key stage three up to GCSE, A Level, and BTEC qualifications. It contains activities for classroom instruction as well as revision guides to prepare pupils for end-of-year exams.

    Physical Education (PE) plays an essential part in supporting young people's intellectual, social and physical growth. The PE curriculum's primary aim is to foster physical fitness through enjoyable physical activity while contributing positively to pupils' academic performance and well-being - with online resources like PE and Sport Teaching materials offering high-quality materials which teachers can tailor specifically for individual classrooms or organisations' requirements.

    The materials feature topics in sports science and curriculum pathways including core Physical Education subjects like gymnastics, athletics and outdoor education; options like dance or games; as well as new modules like yoga or canoeing to engage all year groups. It includes helpful advice to keep track of student progress monitoring with KPIs [key performance indicators] included throughout each lesson plan to make setting achievable targets simpler over time.

    All coursework provided is tailored specifically towards OCR GCSE Physical Education syllabus requirements allowing you to meet every exam board specification while making physical education fun! Activities designed specifically around leadership or communication techniques outlined in an eighteen-week period along with slideshows PDFs worksheets lesson plans videos assessments etcetera help teachers deliver successful lessons from Years 10 11 12 13/14 levels appropriately! Furthermore, its resources are tailored toward modern approaches, providing teachers with access to not just traditional methods but innovative ideas as well; enabling them to craft engaging sessions which combine knowledge-based tasks with practical tasks - fulfilling all aspects necessary in PE & Sports Studies today. Quiz slide shows offer instant feedback that gives students clear direction & focuses, helping them grasp PEGS criteria [Performance Evaluation Grading System]. All these features make it simple for teachers of any level to offer engaging yet challenging Physical Education lessons that cover every facet needed in modern Physical Education when prepping pupils for examinations from entry-level courses all the way up towards A Levels & BTEC higher qualifications utilizing our reliable system!