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Our Politics Learning Resources for teachers provide a comprehensive collection of Case Studies, Revision Guides and Past papers including interactive materials and educational tools designed to help students gain a deeper understanding of the political landscape.

A Level, AQA, Edexcel & Scottish National Level


Politics is an ever-evolving subject that requires teachers to possess in-depth knowledge as well as an engaging teaching style in order to educate their students effectively and enjoyably. Educourseware’s Politics Teaching Resources equips teachers with all of the materials necessary for making lessons more impactful and enjoyable experiences for their pupils.

We provide teachers with resources, from lesson plans to educational videos, designed to bring politics into the classroom in an engaging and accessible manner. These materials cover different learning levels from primary through A-Level so regardless of which class yours falls into, something is sure to fit – these tools allow engaging lessons that help students comprehend politics while having fun!

At Educourseware we recognise the difficulty and rewards involved with teaching politics can be both daunting and exciting, which is why our Politics Teaching Resources exist: to offer all the support necessary for an enjoyable yet informative classroom environment. With lesson plans and educational activities at your disposal, we offer all you need for engaging politics classes! If you want ways to increase student involvement look no further than Educourseware’s Politics Teaching Resources!

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Free - A Level Edexcel Politics Revision Guides

Our A-Level Edexcel Politics Revision Guides are a fast and effective online learning and revision platform that provides interactive resources to help prepare students for their exams. With over 100 fun interactive challenges covering all major options, the platform engages students in learning in a unique and dynamic way. It features more than 500 marks' worth of exam-style questions, complete with mark schemes and indicative content, to help students gauge their understanding of various topics.

176 resources available in the following categories:

  • A Level
    • AQA 7151/7152 (2017 Specification)
      Paper 1: Government and Politics of the UK
      Paper 2: Government and Politics of the USA and Comparative Politics
      Paper 3: Political Ideas
      Exam Practice
    • Edexcel 8PL0/9PL0 (2017 Specification)
      For teaching and learning:
      Activity Packs
      Course Companions
      Learning Grids
      For consolidation and revision:
      For exam preparation:
  • Scottish National Level 6
    • Politics Systems (Higher 2015+)
    • Political Theory (Higher 2015+)
  • All Boards
    • Election Updates for All Boards
    • Enrichment
    • Political Ideologies (all boards)
    • The Think Tank

Available as: Photocopiable Pages, PDF or Editable Word Documents

Looking for excellent resources to support your A-Level or Scottish National Higher Politics studies? Look no further! There are a wide range of excellent teaching resources available for both exam boards, including exam papers and revision materials to support your learning. These resources cover a wide range of topics, from the UK Government and elections to international relations and political theory. Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge of key political theories or understand the intricacies of the UK’s political system, these resources are an essential aid for any student of Politics. So why not dive in and start exploring today?

A Level General Election Case Studies

A Level General Election Case Studies provide a comprehensive review of all General Elections written for the 2017 AQA and Edexcel Politics exam board specifications. Students gain an in-depth understanding of key contextual information, campaigns, media coverage and results to develop their knowledge of how elections work. To aid learning, chapters start with clear terms and objectives, while learning grids and classroom activities help consolidate what is learnt. For visual learners, graphs, polls and manifesto comparisons are included to break down this complex topic. Debate questions throughout challenge the student to consider why certain factors impacted the result, before two exam-style essay questions with full mark schemes test their skills.

AQA & Edexcel A Level Case Studies


A-Level Politics

During this course, students will be given the opportunity to delve into the UK and USA political environments and work through various comparative analyses to understand the comparisons and differences in these political systems. Students will be required to develop a critical understanding of the political aspects the drive the nature of these institutions and how the delicate relationships between these two political institutions are managed and the processes that drive them.

Students will study the 4 ideologies that drive the UK and US political systems and will gain an in-depth understanding of issues and debates active within the political environments. At the end of the course, the students will be evaluated through 3 major exams as described by Edexel.

  • Paper 1: UK Politics and Core Political Ideas

A 2-hour paper that has students answer questions in essay format regarding the UK political system under the topics of Democracy & Participation, Political Parties, Electoral Systems, and Voting Behaviors. The paper will also include a short essay on either Socialism, Conservatism or Liberalism.

  • Paper 2: UK Government and Non-core Political Ideas:

A 2-hour paper that covers the UK political system under the topics of the Constitution, Parliament, the Prime Minister, and Inter-Relationships between Political Parties and Institutions. It will include a short essay on one of the following topics chosen by your center of study – Nationalism, Ecologism, Multi-Culturalism or Anarchism.

  • Paper 3: Comparative Politics – USA:

A 2-hour paper on the comparisons between the UK and US political landscapes as well as more in-depth analyses on the US Constitution, the Presidency, the US Congress, the Supreme Court, Civil Rights Movement, Democracy and Participation.

The Think Tank: Magazine for A-Level Politics

The Think Tank magazine for A-Level Politics is an excellent resource for students preparing for their exams. The magazine offers in-depth analysis of exam-relevant issues, bringing out the relevance to the students’ exams through discussion and exam-style questions. The magazine also provides topical issues, which can be used as class materials or for extra reading for students who are eager to learn more about the subject. The content of the magazine is well-tailored to the AQA board curriculum, and it covers a wide range of political topics that the students need to be familiar with to excel in their exams. With its well-researched articles and insightful discussions, The Think Tank magazine is a valuable tool for both students and teachers.

• Get high-quality and up-to-date discussion questions for your classroom
• Comprehensive summaries of current events to help you stay informed
• Supportive articles on all options for deeper learning
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  • What are Politics Teaching Resources?

    Politics teaching resources provide secondary schools with comprehensive educational materials designed to supplement and strengthen their political studies instruction, covering a range of A-Level, Scottish National, and exam revision requirements.

    The focus of these resources is to provide teachers with a structured way for helping their students understand how politics operates, its effect on our societies, different approaches taken by governments across the world to govern politics, and which issues dominate today's political environment.

    Politics teaching resources are designed with teachers in mind, offering all of the tools required for instructing any political topic imaginable - from international relations and local elections, all the way down to student campaigns for elected office. All content is regularly updated with links to reliable news outlets or political blogs which give context to particular debates or issues being examined by students.

    Each resource also provides activities and exercises tailored specifically towards particular subjects studied across all levels, perfect for engaging students more critically with current events or deepening their understanding of specific subjects in classes. Quizzes provide additional review exercises allowing learners to quickly assess what has been learned thus far throughout the year and give valuable feedback as to where further improvement may be required next time around!

    Politics teaching resources help teachers looking to deepen their understanding and students looking for engaging ways of studying this exciting field - making it a must-have tool when considering resources for any classroom!