Primary School: Teaching & Learning Resources

It is every parent’s desire to give their children the best in life and that includes a great start in their education. Finding the best teaching resources for their primary years in school is a crucial part of that and their development in literacy and numeracy depends on it too.

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web/1537 Exploration and Encounters: Aztecs, Cortes & Columbus

web/2354 Have a Break!
web/2231 The Complete Sophie Stories

web/1002 Practical Primary IT Activities

web/1003 Science Record Sheets

web/2236 Bud

Numeracy and Literacy
web/2233 Book Banding Worksheets – Rigby Star
web/1535 Essential Literacy Skills
web/1910 Leap into Grammar – Year 3
web/1911 Leap into Grammar – Year 4
web/1912 Leap into Grammar – Year 5
web/1913 Leap into Grammar – Year 6
web/2223 Pick a Story
web/1536 The Busy Teacher’s Toolkit

Transition to Secondary
web/1917 Leaving Primary School – The Big Transition

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Primary school teaching resources offer a wide range of specialised materials to aid in the development of young learners in areas such as numeracy, literacy, science, IT, history, and the transition to secondary school. These resources can vary from lesson plans, printable worksheets, online testing, interactive whiteboard activities, audio and video materials, and much more, all designed specifically for primary school teaching. These teaching materials help educators to create fun and engaging learning environments that encourage curiosity and exploration in children while supporting their learning development. In addition to supporting general education, primary school teaching resources are often used as a tool to inspire and motivate children to continue learning throughout their lives, providing a solid framework for their future success.

The sooner children have access to quality materials to make their learning easier and fun, the sooner they can engage with key aspects and concepts that will be easier integrated at their age. Their comprehension and integration will develop beyond their counterparts.


With the 2011 White Paper – The Importance of Teaching – the UK government determined that improving the educational standards is key to increasing the literacy rate of adolescent children. The current rate is 1 in 5 of privileged children having the literacy they require and the statistic gets even worse in underprivileged children. With the ability to read and write the rest of the curriculum becomes all the easier for the children.

As the bedrock of Key Stage 1 in the National Curriculum, these resources will help your children reach and surpass the required standard of their learning. As primary school students are at the beginning of the education these resources are as crucial to their learning as attending class in itself. Students have not gotten used to the class setting and with the variety of fun activities they get the opportunity to learn in more effective ways than students without the benefit of these resources. These resources can even be applied for students in Key Stage 2 as it will assist them with understanding the more difficult concepts with colourful and creative ways to learn their work.

  • What are Primary School Teaching & Learning Resources?

    Primary school teaching and learning resources are integral in providing children with an exceptional educational experience. There are various resources that can be utilized for primary school teaching such as numeracy/literacy resources, science/IT resources and history/social studies books that help enhance teaching practices at primary schools.

    Numeracy Resources provide students with the tools they need to develop knowledge in areas like measurement, geometry, algebra and data handling. Such resources typically take the form of textbooks or workbooks with step-by-step guides for solving mathematical problems or activities; teachers may also utilize online or computer programs with interactive lessons which allow their pupils to gain skills gradually over time.

    Some literacy resources focus on helping students acquire reading and writing efficiently by studying story structure, grasping grammar rules, engaging in creative writing projects such as journaling or book reviews and offering digital libraries with eBooks that students can read during homework assignments at home on tablets or laptops.

    As part of their science teaching materials, teachers might utilize items like laboratory equipment like thermometers or microscopes along with manuals/guides related to topics being covered - for instance physics or biology. Furthermore, there are now educational videos that include animations to illustrate scientific discoveries allowing children to comprehend abstract theories while taking pleasure from watching an entertaining visual experience!

    IT Resources include items like laptops, programming kits and software as well as guides outlining basic coding fundamentals - essential items in today's classrooms! Schools typically host workshops where experts come regularly throughout the year giving lectures about recent technologies allowing teachers to stay current by selecting materials directly from these talks for use within their own classes!

    History Teaching & Learning Materials provide various approaches for studying past events throughout civilizations, from books (paper copies + eBooks) written by prominent historians around the globe to audio-visual components designed to engage student recall when it comes to recalling various dates/timeframes pertaining to historical analysis - like dates/timeframes, etc. Furthermore, technological innovations now enable virtual tours of important sites from time thus making ancient stories come alive when used within modern settings (using aerial recordings, etc).