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A-Level Psychology has a wide-reaching span of information and during the course, students are shown how to integrate and understand this knowledge and begin to apply it productively.

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The complex nature of the course material and the application of it is an important skill for students to develop. Students with an innate ability to question the theories they will discuss will prosper in this course. This will help develop the skillset to continue in the exciting field of Phycology

Psychology is the study of the human mind and behavior from a scientific perspective and will introduce the students to the 6 fundamental areas of Psychology:

  • Social Psychology – how we function in groups and because of groups in our social structure and how our interactions affect our behavior towards the group and ourselves.

  • Cognitive Psychology – how we explain the world we live in, to ourselves. Students cover the mental processes that determine our behaviors such as perception, intelligence, and memory.

  • Developmental Psychology – evaluates how human beings develop from the time they are born and during their lives. Special focus is given on the development of infants and their relationship with their primary caregiver.

  • Psychopathology – the study of mental disorders like phobias, schizophrenia, and OCD. The understanding of these disorders can assist with treatment methodologies for future treatment.

  • Biological Psychology – explores the effect of evolution and genetics in human behavior and how the brain functionality is influenced by hormones and how the nervous system works.
    • Students can choose 1 topic each from 3 options for the AQA specification
      • Relationships or Gender or Cognition & Development
      • Schizophrenia or Eating Behavior or Stress
      • Aggression or Forensic Psychology or Addiction

  • Research Methods – in the pursuit of data and information psychologists using various methods to investigate and analyze the results of their experiments.