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Our A-Level Psychology teaching resources cover an expansive selection of topics, to ensure students not only acquire an in-depth knowledge of the subject but can apply it productively.

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Welcome to Educourseware, where our commitment to providing teachers with cutting-edge teaching materials extends into the fascinating realm of Psychology. Psychology provides students the chance to hone critical thinking, research skills and gain a more in-depth knowledge of human nature. As part of our effort to help teachers foster these essential traits in their students, we have carefully assembled an extensive array of Psychology Teaching Resources designed specifically to meet today’s teacher’s needs. These materials cover various areas such as cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, biological psychology and abnormal psychology – everything you’d need for teaching psychological education today!

Our extensive library features carefully developed lesson plans, interactive activities, and thought-provoking multimedia content designed to foster a deeper understanding of psychological theories, principles, and research methods that make up this fascinating discipline. These resources promote active learning through inquiry-driven inquiry aimed at exploring human behavior from multiple viewpoints.

At Educourseware, we understand the challenges educators face when trying to motivate and engage their students with psychology studies. That is why our resources include real-life context and hands-on learning experiences for a more enjoyable learning process that meets student learning styles and abilities, offering each learner equal chances to thrive on their psychological education journey.

No matter if you teach secondary or tertiary psychology, our resources will assist in creating an engaging learning experience for your students that fosters critical thinking, scientific inquiry, and an appreciation of the human mind’s incredible complexity. By equipping them with tools necessary for exploring psychology effectively and contributing meaningfully towards bettering society as informed individuals – you will encourage intellectual development and foster lifelong learning in your students. Discover new possibilities and enhance your teaching experience with our extensive Psychology Teaching Resources.

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WJEC (L3) Cert./Dip.

Psychology Teaching & Learning Resources are designed to provide high-quality materials and resources to support the teaching and learning of Psychology, covering topics such as perception, behavior, cognitive processes, and more.

Psychology is the study of the human mind and behavior from a scientific perspective and will introduce the students to the 6 fundamental areas of Psychology:

  • Social Psychology – how we function in groups and because of groups in our social structure and how our interactions affect our behavior towards the group and ourselves.
  • Cognitive Psychology – how we explain the world we live in, to ourselves. Students cover the mental processes that determine our behaviors such as perception, intelligence, and memory.
  • Developmental Psychology – evaluates how human beings develop from the time they are born and during their lives. Special focus is given on the development of infants and their relationship with their primary caregiver.
  • Psychopathology – the study of mental disorders like phobias, schizophrenia, and OCD. The understanding of these disorders can assist with treatment methodologies for future treatment.
  • Biological Psychology – explores the effect of evolution and genetics in human behavior and how the brain functionality is influenced by hormones and how the nervous system works.
    • Students can choose 1 topic each from 3 options for the AQA specification
      • Relationships or Gender or Cognition & Development
      • Schizophrenia or Eating Behavior or Stress
      • Aggression or Forensic Psychology or Addiction
  • Research Methods – in the pursuit of data and information psychologists using various methods to investigate and analyze the results of their experiments.
  • What are Psychology Course Teaching Resources?

    Teaching resources are an indispensable resource for psychology courses at all ages and grade levels, no matter the student's age or grade level. To ensure maximum understanding, only high-quality and current materials should be employed during lessons.

    Teaching resources designed specifically for psychology courses come in all forms; one such option available online is Zig Zag Education which offers materials tailored specifically for each academic syllabus. Students studying for A-level exams can access practice questions in advance so they'll be fully equipped for tests and assignments they will face later on. As part of AQA exams, there's a wealth of materials designed specifically to address realistic psychological problems through practical activities like interviews or case studies. What makes these teaching resources especially helpful for AQA exam takers is they offer answers with detailed explanations along with suggestions of how best to answer similar questions via practice sessions and test simulators.

    Students preparing to take the Edexcel course have access to numerous resources which aid their understanding of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and developmental psychology topics, amongst many others - these materials allow students to familiarise themselves with key psychological principles so as to facilitate ease when writing examination papers.

    OCR and WJEC offer many high-quality teaching resources - everything from multiple choice questionnaires to study guides that offer an overall synopsis of key topics covered by both syllabuses such as biopsychology while still emphasizing key terms associated with individual subjects like memory encoding techniques used during research methods classes etc… This knowledge should give students plenty of confidence before answering complicated questions set by either board on tests/exams!

    Overall it should be evident why having top-of-the-line psychology course teaching materials available to us is indispensable when striving to reach excellence - whether this means sitting for your exams or trying new approaches for improving teaching abilities; having such resources ready at hand should equip us to face every challenge head-on with confidence!