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Our Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology teaching resources provide teachers with a range of engaging and comprehensive materials to teach and inspire students in the fields of science.

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Science has always been an engaging subject for both teachers and their students alike. It entails studying our natural world – which encompasses everything from the physical universe to living organisms – their interactions, as well as teaching complex theories to students in an engaging fashion. With adequate resources and guidance teachers can make science learning fun and engaging for their pupils.

At Educourseware we understand this challenge, which is why we have developed an extensive collection of Science Teaching Resources that are sure to assist teachers. From biology and chemistry through physics – including ready-made worksheets – Educourseware’s courses cover them all so teachers can deliver successful lessons. With lesson plans, teacher guides worksheets ready-made activities we provide everything needed so your students get the maximum benefit out of their science classes!

Our teaching resources can be utilised in both offline and online settings so you can continue teaching even when face-to-face instruction isn’t possible. With access to interactive simulations and field research journals, your students can explore scientific concepts more deeply – creating an enjoyable learning environment where their understanding of science deepens while having fun! With these Science Teaching Resources, you can foster engaging learning environments where their understanding will deepen while having fun!


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Our Science teaching resources, designed for KS3, GCSE, A Level, T level, and BTEC, aim to equip students with the skills to analyse, question and investigate scientific knowledge to solve problems and address relevant issues. These resources cover a broad range of scientific topics, including Matter, Atomic structures, and Acids & Alkalines, and enable students to explore the relationship between the human body and the materialistic world. Through science education, students can develop skills and critical thinking capabilities that are essential for success in diverse scientific fields. Our science resources inspire passion and provide an opportunity for students to pursue successful careers in science-related fields.

Years 10 & 11

As a compulsory subject for all students, the Combined Science course will result in 2 GCSEs in Science. Students with an aptitude for Science can opt for the separate GCSEs and will experience more challenging coursework that will require them to develop their understanding and knowledge of a wide spectrum of the science curriculum.

Students will be tested in exams designed to have the students apply their knowledge in unknown contexts to evaluate their analytical thought processes in presenting their course work and technique. The exams will have a significant practical element to get students used to the experimental techniques studied in the theoretical sections of the course work.

Sixth Form

This popular Science qualification is a stepping stone for students that want to pursue a career in Medicine, Physical & Chemical Engineering, Marine Biology, Physiotherapy as well as other science-based qualifications.

Biology A-Level

This course is a study of the Science of Living Things and it is a combination of the scientific method, practical skills and problem-solving within the framework of socially relevant content.

Chemistry A-Level

This A-Level course has 3 main aspects – Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry – and will challenge the student’s ability to apply their logical thinking and problem-solving techniques. Students with an interest in both the theoretical and practical application of chemistry will surely enjoy this qualification.

Physics A-Level

The A-Level physics course work is an exploration of the motion of our everyday lives as it pertains to objects from pedal bikes to gases to electrical circuits all the way to the sub-atomic structures the world that surrounds us. It also delves into massive forces that formed our universe and how it determines the fate of celestial bodies.

  • What are Science Teaching Resources?

    Teaching science can be challenging, yet rewarding experience with the appropriate resources. Science teaching resources include materials designed to aid teachers in effectively organizing and presenting classroom lessons. There are even specific materials designed specifically to cater to teaching A-Level, GCSE, T-Level BTEC courses, or even Key Stage 3 subjects!

    Popular resources for scientific instruction include PowerPoints with interactive activities to allow students to digest material more efficiently; online simulations that offer real-life examples of scientific concepts; videos that supplement lectures by showing real-life applications of scientific concepts; hands-on activities and virtual laboratories which encourage hands-on learning experiences directly, plus assessments tools which allow teachers to quickly evaluate student progress quickly and efficiently - typically these materials include drills, quizzes and exams with answer keys included as assessments tools.

    Supplementary resources available beyond these core materials include exam prep or revision guides that offer summaries of key points within a subject as well as self-assessment sections to allow further practice at home. All this ensures students find success in their studies!