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SEN is the designation for Special Needs Education, our teaching resources cater to a wide range of special needs including:

SENCO Support, Cognition and Learning, SEN subject resources, and more…


Welcome to Educourseware, where our aim is to equip teachers with resources tailored specifically to the needs of children with Special Educational Needs (SEN).  As an area that caters specifically to supporting learners with diverse learning needs, Special Educational Needs education (SEN education) gives teachers an excellent chance to build targeted strategies, and creative approaches, and gain greater insights into the unique difficulties that learners with different disabilities and learning difficulties are likely to encounter. As part of our efforts to help educators nurture the necessary growth and development of all their students, we have carefully assembled an expansive selection of SEN Teaching Resources tailored specifically for today’s educators. Our resources cover diverse aspects of special needs education such as differentiated instruction, multisensory learning environments, individualised education plans, and evidence-based interventions.

Our extensive library offers thoughtful lesson plans, interactive activities and multimedia content designed to foster a deeper understanding of students with special education needs (SEN). These resources encourage active learning strategies as well as collaboration and help motivate learners towards reaching their full potential in supportive learning environments tailored teaching strategies can create.

At Educourseware, we understand the difficulties educators encounter when meeting the diverse needs of their SEN students while creating an inclusive classroom environment. That is why our resources incorporate elements such as universal design for learning, practical strategies for differentiation, hands-on learning experiences and enjoyable and meaningful lessons so as to make education both engaging and memorable for every learner. Furthermore, they cater to diverse learning styles and abilities so as to allow every child the best chance at flourishing academically and finding success on their educational journeys.

No matter whether you teach in a mainstream classroom with special needs students or in a more focused SEN setting, our resources can assist in creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment that fosters individual growth, self-esteem, and belongingness for every learner. By giving learners the knowledge needed to navigate their educational paths efficiently and overcome any potential hurdles while contributing to society as individuals with the tools to overcome any difficulties that come their way – you are creating well-rounded individuals capable of meeting challenges head-on while contributing their share toward its greater good.

At Educourseware, our mission is to support your pursuit of academic excellence by offering top-quality resources that spark curiosity, foster intellectual development, and foster lifelong learning among your students. Discover new possibilities while elevating your teaching experience using our  SEN Teaching Resources!

55 resources available in the following categories:

SENCO Support

Communication and interaction

Cognition and learning

Social, emotional and mental health difficulties

Sensory or physical needs

SEN Subject Resources

English, Maths, Science, Geography, ICT & Computer Science, MFL,

Available as: Photocopiable Pages, PDF or Editable Word Documents

SEN teaching resources are specifically designed to meet the needs of children who require additional support due to conditions such as ADHD, Autism, Dyscalculia, or Dysgraphia. These learners require unique instructional methods and materials that can help them reach their full potential. Our resources cater to the specific needs of these children by providing formats that are easy to read, auditory and visual aids, and a variety of different activities for a diverse learning experience. They allow these learners to have the same educational opportunities as their peers in mainstream curriculum schools and promote a positive and supportive learning environment. These resources can also be used by mainstream schools to support the learning experience for all students.

Resource Pack

In our resource packs, you will find the material specifically designed with Special Needs Education in mind and will help with learning activities that stimulate the children’s behaviour, speech, and communication skills. As a teacher or parent, you can choose from quality SEN learning materials that will assist them in the classroom and will even help the teacher with presenting the coursework in a more effective manner. The resources have many ideas on how to teach children with disabilities and special needs. You will be better equipped to teach and stimulate the children in your class with SEN needs.

SEN Teaching Resources and Classroom Ideas

The SEN resource packs are focused on providing every child with the same learning opportunities as in mainstream schools and enable them to reach their full potential in school. It provides the teacher and student with speech and language therapy resources that will further support the students learning of Maths as well as reading of all subjects.

With more than 220000 learners in the UK in the SEN learning program, it is vital that teachers are not only aware of these learners but also have the correct resources available to teach and support these learners throughout their educational careers.

SEND: Guidance and Approaches for Teachers

Introducing our comprehensive and cutting-edge resource package: Guidance and Approaches for School Staff in Supporting Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Stay ahead of the curve with our updated pack, specifically tailored to align with the new 2015 code of practice. Designed to assist SENCOs and teachers alike, this invaluable toolkit offers a multitude of resources to enhance the educational experience for students with special needs.

Send Guidance for Teachers

Section 1 serves as your ultimate reference point, meticulously dissecting the 2015 code of practice. We understand the demands placed on busy SENCOs, which is why our pack provides a concise yet thorough breakdown of the major changes and newly approved strategies. Consider it your lifeline, alleviating the pressure and ensuring you are well-equipped to navigate the evolving landscape of SEN education.

In Section 2, we present you with a treasure trove of knowledge. Each SEN is distilled into succinct bullet points, accompanied by a comprehensive ‘What it is’ guide and invaluable ‘How to help’ suggestions for effective classroom management. We believe in the power of tried and tested educational strategies, empowering both you and your students to achieve remarkable success. Additionally, we have curated a curated a collection of websites and useful links, offering further support and inspiration for your teaching journey.

Section 3 is a goldmine of over 20 supporting worksheets, meticulously designed to aid pupils in both classroom settings and one-to-one sessions. Engage your students with dynamic activities that foster participation and growth. Furthermore, these worksheets provide a solid foundation for key skills development, focusing on reading, writing, spelling, and memory. With these resources at your disposal, you can create a nurturing learning environment that caters to the unique needs of every student.

Unlock the potential of your teaching practice and make a lasting impact on the lives of your students with our SEND guidance and approaches pack. Embrace innovation, stay informed, and elevate your classroom to new heights of inclusivity and educational excellence. Empower yourself with the tools to foster growth and enable success. Trust in our expertise and join the ranks of educators who are transforming the landscape of special educational needs and disabilities.

  • What are SEN Special Education Needs Learning Resources?

    Special Education Needs (SEN) refer to additional assistance and resources required by children with learning difficulties or disabilities, from those involving physical issues such as dyspraxia to cognitive disorders that affect cognition and learning abilities. It spans across an extensive array of educational requirements spanning physical limitations to cognitive needs related to cognition or learning issues.

    At school, one of the main resources and support systems available to special educational needs (SEN) learners are typically provided by its Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO), usually an associated teacher whose role it is to identify children with special educational needs, advise staff in meeting those specific requirements, as well as work closely with experts outside of school who provide additional help and services. Furthermore, most SENCOs work alongside regular classroom lessons while offering extra one-to-one lessons tailored specifically toward each pupil's unique educational requirements.

    Furthermore, many online and physical resources exist that can assist educators with teaching children with special educational needs (SEN). Zig Zag Education excels at offering engaging activities tailored to children of varying abilities within groups; their materials consist of videos, audio files and interactive exercises which combine traditional methods with more modern approaches for all learning difficulty levels - perfect both inside and outside the classroom environment! Physical resources available for special educational needs children include books written specifically with them in mind; these frequently address topics like mindfulness, social skills development and improving comprehension adapted specifically to each child.

    At the core of it all lies an obligation for parents when selecting educational resources - be they books or apps - for their child to ensure they get adequate help without increasing stress levels! By understanding exactly how much support your child requires when selecting resources that could support him/her effectively!