Travel and Tourism: Teaching Resources

Travel and Tourism teaching resources including Case Studies, Revision Notes, and Practice Exam Papers support the teaching of BTEC courses in travel and tourism, covering topics such as customer service, business operations, marketing, and more.

BTEC Firsts, BTEC Tech Award, BTEC Nationals and more…


Travel and Tourism Teaching Resources can be an invaluable asset to teachers looking to give their students a thorough knowledge of the travel and tourism industry. Offering an ever-expanding selection of topics, these teaching resources enable teachers to craft engaging lessons covering all facets of this sector – from customer experience and business operations, global marketing campaigns targeting destinations like Asia or South America and working overseas, specialist tourism such as airport experiences or cruise industries – these Travel & Tourism Resources equip students with all of the knowledge required for success in their courses and future careers.

These resources are intended for multiple uses, from independent study and group activities, all the way up to full presentations or research tasks. Furthermore, their versatility allows teachers to tailor their use according to levels of learning or age groups; younger students might prefer interactive role playing activities while older ones might benefit more from more detailed presentations or tasks such as research tasks. No matter your teaching style or student needs – Travel and Tourism Teaching Resources has something suitable.

Our Travel and Tourism Teaching Resources offer something for teachers and tutors at both secondary school level and college level – they contain extensive information about every facet of travel and tourism to enable teachers to create engaging lessons to develop students’ understanding in this fascinating subject area. Why not explore our Travel and Tourism Teaching Resources  today?

71 resources available in the following categories:

BTEC Firsts
Level 1/2 First (2018) (Award), Level 1/2 First (2013)

BTEC Tech Award
Level 1/2 Tech Award (2018 & 2022)

BTEC Nationals
Level 3 Nationals (2019)

Available as: Photocopiable Pages, PDF or Editable Word Documents.

Travel & Tourism Case Studies for BTEC

Our Travel & Tourism Case Studies for BTEC at Level 1/2 First, Tech Award and Nationals provide stimulating industry-specific scenarios with follow-on questions suitable for students of all abilities. Ideal for making connections between the topics and the specification, these resources are ideal to embed into schemes of work to help students prepare for their internal assessment. Detailed and familiar examples can be used to address a range of subtopics, building on previous learning aims in an organized and progressive way. Follow-up questions consolidate understanding through short-answer, calculations, extended writing and extension questions. These case studies also promote varied group research, analysis of data and class discussion covering topics such as Regional Tourist Boards, Online Travel Booking, Manchester Airport, The Channel Tunnel, UK Rail Network, Blackpool Illuminations and The Big Sheep.


BTEC Coursework

During this course, students will explore and develop their skills in understanding the industry and how it’s grown over the last 50 years. Students will evaluate how the industry has been affected by current trends and global factors. The BTEC Travel & Tourism qualification will offer students multiple career paths in the industry sectors from retail travel agencies to tour operators to events management worldwide.

Students that achieve exceptional merit or distinction grade can continue to higher education that will open up a world of career opportunities and management fast track programs. Successful students will be those that have a keen interest in the travel industry and have a hard-working attitude, and a drive to achieve deadlines and goals.

The Qualification includes several mandatory focus units:

  • The importance of the Travel Industry to the Economy of the UK – impact, interpret and analyse
  • The features and appeal of Global Destinations
  • Managing the Customer Experience both internally and externally
  • Developing students Enterprise and Entrepreneurial skills – planning and executing marketing strategies
  • Understanding the issues that affect the Travel & Tourism industry and how to respond to them
  • Exploring the UK as a Travel destination for inbound and outbound tourists
  • What are Travel and Tourism Teaching & Learning Resources?

    Travel and Tourism is an ever-evolving field with unique opportunities and challenges, so educators need to stay abreast of current resources to assist their students understand this exciting industry. In this answer, we cover all teaching/learning resources available for Travel/Tourism studies within Classroom Tuition or Advanced Curriculum programs:

    BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council): This certification program offers qualifications from Levels 1-3 for travel & tourism studies. Level 1 covers customer service; hospitality operations management; international business law; financial planning for travel policy development and marketing skills. Level 3 qualifications cover customer care.

    Firsts: This coursework equips participants with practical knowledge in some of the industry's most prevalent specialisms such as tour operating strategies or tourist destinations management as well as essential numeracy skills necessary for global competition and digital sales practices around the globe.

    Tech Award: As its name implies, this qualification primarily addresses digital technologies necessary for operating successfully within Travel &Tourism industries. But more broadly speaking it serves to develop the IT literacy of students so they may quickly adapt to changes that arise within this particular space of technology.

    Nationals: National Certificate qualifications encompass more generic aspects of international tourism, providing students with a complete knowledge base in sustainable development management principles, modern destination promotion techniques and relevant consumer rights legislation for accommodation services businesses, etc.

    5 GCSE/ A level Papers - Students may take one of five GCSE or A level papers related to Travel&Tourism as IGCSE exams for Hospitality (Travel&Tourism), A levels/Level 3 qualifications that cover many topics related to consumer behaviour analysis data sets obtained via various channels on the internet, or both for an advanced learning experience.

    All these courses have been created by education experts to replicate real-life situations within changing environments while offering enjoyable activities while testing students' ability to make smart, timely decisions that will serve them professionally in fast-paced, competitive market spaces like those typical within modern Travel&Tourism sectors today.