Microsoft Powerpoint Training Resources

If you want to teach how to design and present powerful, compelling PowerPoint presentations then help is at hand with our MS PowerPoint courseware. MS PowerPoint is the most comprehensive and most powerful presentation software in the world, allowing you to present any information that you want in all the color and animation that you can muster.

Microsoft Powerpoint 365

Our courseware products are a practical aid for helping students learn how to create powerful slides with a variety of memorable animations and visual aids. Providing the opportunity to learn advanced PowerPoint skills for making better presentations:

  • Understanding the full functionality and features of PowerPoint
  • Creating engaging and powerful multimedia presentations with MS PowerPoint
  • Formatting and arranging PowerPoint slides
  • Display graphics, tables, and charts in easy to understand slides
  • Creating multimedia and SmartArt slides to deliver presentations
  • Fully integrate with MS office files to merge cross-platform documents

Microsoft Powerpoint 2016

About PowerPoint

PowerPoint is the most used presentation software for creating powerful engaging presentations. Our courseware will allow users to deliver their presentations expertly and tell the story of their business ideas with style and grace. PowerPoint will empower the users with the technical abilities to capture the attention of their audience and convey their message with animation and theme-based PowerPoint slides.

With full mastery of PowerPoint, your business will have a new clearer understanding of your innovative initiatives and business data and they will be expressing their skills in a far more professional manner, making your organization perform better every day.

Microsoft Powerpoint 2013

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010