Microsoft Windows Training Resources

Microsoft Windows is the most common operating software in the world and continual advancement has kept users on their toes with new developments in the menu structure and functionality. Our MS Windows courseware will give students the skills to navigate the constant improvements to the Windows operating system.

Microsoft Windows 10

Recommended for users that are new to the Win 10 architecture, this course will users an understanding of how to use the Windows functionality like a Pro. Our Windows 10 course will help users move around the software system to take full advantage of the new functionality and features that come with Windows 10. From Cortana to the various modes like desktop and tablet modes as well as the new applications for web surfing like Edge. Our Windows 10 course materials will get you working more productively in no time at all.

Microsoft Windows 8.1

The launch of Windows 8 came with a new improved menu structure that made the Windows operating system more compatible with the advances in mobile technology. The new functionality and feature were not a complete success as some users found the new structures not entirely comfortable. These design features of Windows 8 were addressed in Win 8.1 and in this Windows 8 course, we explore all the new functionality and capability of the most popular operating system in the world. Starting with the basics like logging in and moving you through the entire menu structure until you have full control of your new Windows operating system.

Microsoft Windows 7

Windows 7 is covered in our Windows 7 essential training guides where users are trained to use the improvements and enhancements of the operating system. Topics covered will include simple navigation and how to fully take advantage of the new user interface and capabilities.