Microsoft Word Training Resources

Microsoft Word is the industry standard for word processing and with clear learning, your users will be the masters of the documented word that you need in your organization. From beginner to expert, they will learn the skills to edit and format their documents like true professionals.

Microsoft Word 365

The advanced skills will show your users the required expertise to produce legible, editable, and word-based documents that can be shared on any platform from the web to internal mail. User will master the skillset that will enable them to automate and create templates and processes that will show off their word skills to your selected audience.

Microsoft Word 2019

The courseware was developed to teach students from beginner stage to expert level to create documents in less time and with more detail than ever before. The MS Word course will explore the finer details of:

  • All the advanced functionality of MS Word
  • Creation, edit, formatting of collaborative documents
  • Working with tables and columns in the documentation and mastering the formatting of your business documents
  • Including graphics and WordArt as well as charts in your documentation
  • Developing your own document templates for your business
  • Advanced features like mail merge and macros for document revision and proofing

Microsoft Word 2016

About Microsoft Word

As the leading word processing tool for personal and business document creation, MS Word is one of the most common applications on desktops the world over. Successful students will be able to use MS Word to drastically improve their ability to create written masterpieces and build compelling documents for your business. With the full spectrum of MS Word technology at your command you can:

  • Create and edit documents including formatting
  • Create tables charts and graphics to deliver powerful documents and content
  • Develop your own unique templates for your internal use and distribution

Microsoft Word 2013

Microsoft Word 2010