Microsft Office Training Resources

Designed by Instructors for Instructors. Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Instructor Guides Covering Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Powerpoint, Publisher & Windows.

Course material written by facilitators and instructors, the course manuals we provide you are the best in the industry. Our manuals have been put together to offer trainers the flexibility to teach their students at the speed that their class can maintain. We also have laid out our technical manuals so that students can use the course material in class and as after class workbooks for extra study.

As a training company, EZ-Ref have always believed that training manuals need to be filled with information that is useful to the student and not overfilled with data that would lead to confusion. This also makes the classroom a place of learning and not a rushed environment where information is forced fed to students.

When EZ-Ref started their training facility, they decided to offer editable courseware to enable our material to always be at the forefront of teaching by gettingĀ  users, students, and facilitators to update the courseware as the material evolves. This has allowed EZ-Ref to sell their courseware to the corporate world as well as governments and educational institutions all over the world.

In almost 20 years of training EZ-Ref’s Microsoft Windows and Office courseware have been distributed to all major educational institutions across the board from universities and government agencies as well as independent contractors. EZ-Ref manuals are preferred by exceptional trainers all over due to:

  • Trainer driven design and layout
  • Once off license fee
  • Unlimited reproduction of material
  • No scripted schedule
  • Customizable content
  • Examinations determined by skill level and course focus
  • All in one package training

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