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Why your students should be fluent in Microsoft Office

Microsoft literacy could mean a lot for your students in their careers, and here is why. The multitude of functionality and capability that this suite of desktop and mobile software gives to users makes for a far more capable business or individual.

MS Excel – Managing data and calculation

With the ability to organize, manipulate and analyze their data as well as be able to present the data points with MS Excel it will give them the confidence to communicate their understanding and conclusions in a clear concise manner. This will put them at the forefront of their industry.

MS Word – Creating business documents for success

MS Word is not just a word processing application. It has powerful editing and formatting capability that make the addition of tables, lists, and elegant design effects to your business documents a breeze. Allowing your students to create documentation that inspires and motivates.

MS PowerPoint – Present your ideas with force

Business people are very familiar with PowerPoint but with a full understanding of the excellent capability of MS PowerPoint will make your students deliver presentations that are not just slideshows but are a true marketing genius, showing off their skills and mastery

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