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Will Homeschooling During the Coronavirus Pandemic Change Education Forever?

Since the outbreak of Corona Covid-19 the world has changed significant ways and none as impactful as in the education world. Since the break of the pandemic and the various lockdown regulations, schooling has moved to the online space where several innovations and breakthroughs have been seen. With children having to stay at home teachers have had to use technology to reach the children at home. The current solutions from Microsoft and Google have made the life of a teacher far easier when it comes to reaching their students. Video conferencing applications like Zoom have also been instrumental in reaching students and that is where the statement of ?forever changed? came into the teaching world.

With almost a billion children now having to study from home, and the use of technology in home learning, experts are postulating how this crisis is going to change the world of education into the future. Although these technologies have been available for some time, it is only now that it has been widely used for homeschooling. As we already know that the corona crisis is going to part of our lives for some time, it is safe to assume that in the next 2 years there are going to be a host of innovations that are going to impact the education sector significantly.

We know that technology allows for the meeting of minds online and we know that for the foreseeable future that is where our children will have to be to get their education. This could be the next wave in teaching where children don?t have to brave the sometimes dangerous surroundings in their bricks and mortar schools and can enjoy their homeschooling safely and well into the future.

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