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Will Homeschooling During the Coronavirus Pandemic Change Education Forever?

Since the Corona Covid-19 outbreak, our world has undergone a profound change; none more profoundly than in education. With pandemic regulations removed and various lockdown regulations established, the schooling world has transitioned online with many innovations and breakthroughs occurring online – teachers using technology such as Microsoft and Google solutions easier reach children living away from campus; Zoom video conferencing apps have provided teachers with another effective method of reaching children who live abroad; Zoom is revolutionizing teaching with its presence!

Experts are currently discussing how the recession will influence education in the long term, including homeschooling. Given how long we will live under its cloudy cover, many innovations that significantly impact this field could emerge within two years’ time.

Technology allows people to interact online, which will likely remain where our children spend much of their time for some time to come. Homeschooling offers children a safer learning experience without being exposed to threats associated with traditional schools – they can learn safely at home while developing vital academic knowledge.

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